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    stmhal: Change 0:/ and 1:/ to /flash and /sd; add CWD support. · 65dd7bc1
    Damien George authored
    Some important changes to the way the file system is structured on the
    1. 0: and 1: drive names are now replaced with POSIX inspired
    directories, namely /flash and /sd.
    2. Filesystem now supports the notion of a current working directory.
    Supports the standard Python way of manipulating it: os.chdir and
    3. On boot up, current directory is /flash if no SD inserted, else /sd
    if SD inserted.  Then runs and from the current dir.
    This is the same as the old behaviour, but is much more consistent and
    flexible (eg you can os.chdir in to change where is run
    4. sys.path (for import) is now set to '' (current dir), plus /flash
    and /flash/lib, and then /sd and /sd/lib if SD inserted.  This, along
    with CWD, means that import now works properly.  You can import a file
    from the current directory.
    5. os.listdir is fixed to return just the basename, not the full path.
    See issue #537 for background and discussion.