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    esp8266: Implement basic deep-sleep capabilities. · 32d7cf6e
    Damien George authored
    Use the machine.deepsleep() function to enter the sleep mode.  Use the
    RTC to configure the alarm to wake the device.
    Basic use is the following:
        import machine
        # configure RTC's ALARM0 to wake device from deep sleep
        rtc = machine.RTC()
        rtc.irq(trigger=rtc.ALARM0, wake=machine.DEEPSLEEP)
        # do other things
        # ...
        # set ALARM0's alarm to wake after 10 seconds
        rtc.alarm(rtc.ALARM0, 10000)
        # enter deep-sleep state (system is reset upon waking)
    To detect if the system woke from a deep sleep use:
        if machine.reset_cause() == machine.DEEPSLEEP_RESET:
            print('woke from deep sleep')