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    stmhal: Enable two USB phys to be supported together. · 1be0fde4
    neilh10 authored
    This is refactoring to enable support for the two USB PHYs available on
    some STM32F4 processors to be used at the same time. The F405/7 & F429
    have two USB PHYs, others such as the F411 only have one PHY.
    This has been tested separately on a pyb10 (USB_FS PHY) and F429DISC
    (USB_HS PHY) to be able to invoke a REPL/USB.  I have modified a PYBV10
    to support two PHYs.
    The long term objective is to support a 2nd USB PHY to be brought up as a
    USB HOST, and possibly a single USB PHY to be OTG.