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    unix/main: Ignore SIGPIPE signal, instead make EPIPE arrive. · 11bc21df
    Paul Sokolovsky authored
    Do not raise SIGPIPE, instead return EPIPE. Otherwise, e.g. writing
    to peer-closed socket will lead to sudden termination of MicroPython
    process. SIGPIPE is particularly nasty, because unix shell doesn't
    print anything for it, so the above looks like completely sudden and
    silent termination for unknown reason. Ignoring SIGPIPE is also what
    CPython does. Note that this may lead to problems using MicroPython
    scripts as pipe filters, but again, that's what CPython does. So,
    scripts which want to follow unix shell pipe semantics (where SIGPIPE
    means "pipe was requested to terminate, it's not an error"), should
    catch EPIPE themselves.