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Remove unneeded check of initialization flag

Angel Perez Muñoz requested to merge improve_init_functions into feature_bullseye

This MR removes the unneeded check for the initialization flag (0 == @_LOWER:Sync_RIs_Parent_@_initialized) of the synchronous required interfaces. These flags are already checked inside the initialization function (init_@_LOWER:Sync_RIs_Parent_@();), thus, it is not needed to be checked by the caller.

if (0 == @_LOWER:Sync_RIs_Parent_@_initialized) { // Removed!
    init_@_LOWER:Sync_RIs_Parent_@();             // the *_initialized flag is checked inside!
}                                                 // Removed!

Note that issue #3 (closed) fixes the initialization lock problem and introduces a new test case called test-recursive-init. The changes applied in this MR passed this test.

Edited by Angel Perez Muñoz

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