Commit 5570c9ff authored by Daniel Tuulik's avatar Daniel Tuulik

Avoid generating for SDL function instances

parent a548fe1f
......@@ -68,8 +68,9 @@ void Create_New_SDL_Structure(FV * fv)
char *filename = make_string("", fv->name);
/* If not already existing, also create an empty
* file - includes timer declarations, if any */
if (!file_exists (path, filename)) {
* file - includes timer declarations, if any.
* Do not create in case the function is an instance of a generic function*/
if (!file_exists (path, filename) && (NULL == fv->instance_of)) {
create_file (path, filename, &process);
if (fv->is_component_type == false) {
fprintf (process, "PROCESS %s;\n", fv->name);
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