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Updated script that builds RTEMS5 toolchain.

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# This script builds the RTEMS/SPARC cross-compiler and the
# Leon2/Leon3/NGMP BSPs.
# To have a reproducible setup, it would be prudent if you
# executed this script under a Debian stretch chroot,
# bootstrapped via the following:
# mkdir /opt/stretch-chroot
# debootstrap stretch /opt/stretch-chroot
# mount -t proc none /opt/stretch-chroot/proc/
# mount -t sysfs none /opt/stretch-chroot/sys/
# mount -o bind /dev /opt/stretch-chroot/dev/
# mount -o bind /dev/pts /opt/stretch-chroot/dev/pts/
# chroot /opt/stretch-chroot
# apt-get update
# apt-get install flex bison make texinfo binutils gcc g++ gdb unzip git python2.7-dev pax libncurses5-dev
# Then chroot inside it and run this script:
# chroot /opt/stretch-chroot
# /path/to/
# Stop on any error
set -e
DATE=$(date +"%Y.%m.%d")
mkdir -p $HOME/
[ -f ${BUILD_LOG} ] && {
echo "There's already a build log:"
echo " " ${BUILD_LOG}
echo Remove it to continue.
exit 1
# Record the output in $BUILD_LOG (see matching brace)
# Begin by checking out the RTEMS Source Builder
mkdir -p $RSBPARENT
# rm -rf ${RTPREFIX}
[ ! -d $RSB ] && {
git clone rtems-source-builder-${DATE}
cd $RSB
git checkout -f 703532cb04c6990fb21e97cb7347a16e9df11108
# Verify that we have all we need to build
cd rtems
# Your network firewall may or may not be an issue at this point:
# Many of the source tarballs needed by the RSB are fetched over
# PASV-enabled FTP servers.
# If your network is like the one in ESA/ESTEC and this is forbidden,
# you'll have to fetch these tarballs and hardlink to them each time
# (so no FTP action is triggered by the RTEMS RSB builder).
# The sed invocation below also replaces ftp: with http:
# (since this needs no PASV port meddling - which some firewalls object to)
# This is the way I do it - adapt it according to your needs:
[ ! -d sources ] && mkdir -p sources
cd sources
cp -al ~/development/rtems/pkg_sources_cache/* .
cd ..
for i in config/tools/*cfg ; do
cat "$i" | sed 's,,,;s,,,;' > "$i".new && mv "$i".new "$i"
# Build the cross compiling toolchain
# (we're in the master branch, which is currently the "unofficial" 5.1)
../source-builder/sb-set-builder --with-ada --log=stage1.log --prefix=${RTPREFIX} 5/rtems-sparc
# Add the cross compiler to the PATH and checkout RTEMS
export PATH=${RTPREFIX}/bin:$PATH
cd ..
if [ ! -d rtems-git ] ; then
git clone rtems-git
cd rtems-git
git checkout -f 337a1869092779be0afca381dba674d3de4d7c9b
cd ..
# Build RTEMS
cd rtems-git
cd ..
rm -rf build.${DATE}
mkdir build.${DATE}
cd build.${DATE}
../rtems-git/configure \
--target=sparc-rtems5 --prefix=${RTPREFIX} \
--enable-rtemsbsp="gr712rc gr740" --enable-posix --enable-ada \
--enable-tests --enable-cxx --enable-networking --enable-smp
make all
make install
} |& tee ${BUILD_LOG}
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