Commit 94c3063c authored by Thanassis Tsiodras's avatar Thanassis Tsiodras
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parent e9feeaf0
......@@ -56,19 +56,6 @@ BUILD_LOG=~/${DATE}.log
# Verify that we have all we need to build
# ESA's network is a pain ; PASV FTP is not allowed, so we basically fetched all the
# tarballs and hardlink to them each time (so no FTP action is triggered)
cd rtems
[ ! -d sources ] && {
mkdir -p sources
cd sources
cp -al /root/development/rtems/src/rtems-source-builder.working/rtems/sources/* .
cd ..
for i in config/tools/*cfg ; do
cat "$i" | sed 's,,,;s,,,;' > "$i".new && mv "$i".new "$i"
# Your network firewall may or may not be an issue at this point:
# Many of the source tarballs needed by the RSB are fetched over
# PASV-enabled FTP servers.
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