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This folder contains the OAR RTEMS scaffolds. The Makefile and example
This folder contains the OAR RTEMS scaffold. The Makefile and example
source code demonstrates how to:
* support both debug and release compilations
* support compilation for native and emulated FPU usage
* support targetting Leon2 and Leon3 CPUs
* enable/disable showing compilation commands
* perform memory, FPU and integer testing of any Leon-based board
Building RTEMS via the RSB
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ void memcheck()
// Start at 512K.
size_t space = 512*1024;
void *p = malloc(space);
printf("[BOARD TESTER, version %s - see for details]\n", version);
printf("[BOARD TESTER, version %s] - see for details\n", version);
printf("[MEMCHECK] Detecting available memory... ");
while(p) {
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