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  • v1.5.2
    64-bit NaN-boxing, FreeDOS target, and PYBv1.1 and PYBLITEv1.0 boards
    This release brings a new object model for 64-bit NaN-boxing on 32-bit
    architectures, while allows double precision floating point numbers to
    be used without allocating on the heap.  Unix and Windows ports have
    better handling of Ctrl-C, and there is now a FreeDOS target within the
    unix Makefile.  Windows (msvc) builds are now checked using Appveyor CI.
    The stmhal port has new board config files for then next version of the
    pyboard, PYBv1.1 and PYBLITEv1.0, as well as config files for the
    STM32F429 discovery kit.  There is now delayed RTC initialisation with
    LSI fallback, and DMA support for the SD card.  The DMA controllers are
    turned off if DMA is idle for 100 msec or more, saving power.
    py core:
    - mpconfig.h: allow to build without alloca() for ANSI C compliance
    - binary: make use of MP_ALIGN
    - asmx86: fix function definition to use int32_t instead of int
    - change mp_print_strn_t func type to use size_t for the str length
    - change qstr_* functions to use size_t as the type for str len arg
    - emit: change type of arg of load_const_obj from void* to mp_obj_t
    - make mp_setup_code_state take concrete pointer for func arg
    - use uintptr_t instead of mp_uint_t in MP_TAGPTR_* macros
    - gc: move away from using mp_uint_t, instead use uintptr_t and size_t
    - add MP_ROM_* macros and mp_rom_* types and use them
    - wrap all obj-ptr conversions in MP_OBJ_TO_PTR/MP_OBJ_FROM_PTR
    - add support for 64-bit NaN-boxing object model, on 32-bit machine
    - mpprint: printing of doubles is now supported (by uPy own routine)
    - gc: make GC block size be configurable
    - mpconfig: actually allow to override MICROPY_BYTES_PER_GC_BLOCK
    - fix function calls that have positional and a star-arg-with-iterator
    - modsys: implement sys.modules
    - make it easy to build without MICROPY_PY_BUILTINS_COMPLEX
    - add MICROPY_PY_BUILTINS_MIN_MAX, disable for minimal ports
    - add min/max "default" keyword argument
    - don't try to optimise for+range when args are not simple expressions
    - fix calling of parent classmethod from instance of subclass
    - add mp_get_stream_raise to factor out check for stream methods
    - mkrules.mk: don't pass COPT to linker
    - emitinlinethumb: add support for MRS instruction
    - make UNARY_OP_NOT a first-class op, to agree with Py not semantics
    - fix compiler to handle lambdas used as default arguments
    - modmath: add domain error checking to sqrt, log, log2, log10
    - objpolyiter: implement instance-polymorphic iterator type
    - gc: scan GC blocks as an array of pointers, not an array of objects
    - gc: for finaliser, interpret a pointer into the heap as concrete obj
    - gc: use size_t instead of mp_uint_t to count things related to heap
    - mpprint: implement %llu and %lld format specifiers for mp_printf
    - bc: use size_t instead of mp_uint_t to count size of state and args
    - qstr: use size_t instead of mp_uint_t when counting allocated bytes
    - qstr: change type of qstr from mp_uint_t to size_t
    - parse: replace mp_int_t/mp_uint_t with size_t etc, where appropriate
    - compile: use size_t or uintptr_t instead of mp_uint_t
    - parse: include stddef.h for definition of size_t
    - compile: simplify compilation of comprehension iterators
    - emitglue: add include of unistd.h for read function
    - gc: when printing info, use %u instead of UINT_FMT for size_t args
    - obj: fix float constants for MICROPY_OBJ_REPR_C
    - mpprint: fix printing of 64bit integers for 64bit windows builds
    - objstr: make sure that b"%s" % b"foo" uses undecorated bytes value
    - objstr: applying % (format) operator to bytes should return bytes, not str
    - handle case of return within the finally block of try-finally
    - be more restrictive binding self when looking up instance attrs
    - map: add fast-path for hashing of map index when it is a qstr
    - gc: improve mark/sweep debug output
    - map: in map lookup, check for fixed map independent of ordered map
    - nlr: use single preprocessor symbol to check if building on Windows
    - move fsusermount.c from stmhal for cross-port reuse
    - fsusermount: make configurable with MICROPY_FSUSERMOUNT
    - modmachine: use uintptr_t instead of mp_uint_t for address type
    - moductypes: set_aligned(): Handle INT64/UINT64
    - moductypes: sizeof operation depends on layout type of structure
    - moduhashlib: add namespace prefix for crypto-algorithms/sha256.h
    - modubinascii: add "separator" argument to hexlify()
    - modlwip: tcp_recv: Use more regular and responsive poll pattern
    - modlwip: mark some lwip_socket_obj_t's fields as volatile
    - modlwip: user proper field name and value names for socket state
    - modlwip: avoid magic numeric values in memcpy()
    - modlwip: use _ERR_BADF instead of magic number
    - utils/printf: apply workaround for static linking with uclibc
    - utils/printf: add vsnprintf alias for Clang
    - libm: allow math funcs to be used by non-Thumb archs
    - utils: add pyexec_frozen_module to load and execute frozen module
    - allow pyboard.py to work when boot.py prints things
    - add option to pyboard.py to wait for serial device to be ready
    - upgrade upip to 0.6.3; updated for _os -> uos builtin module rename
    - add C middle-processor to make builtin tables proper hash tables
    - run-tests: improve robustness of REPL tests
    - extra_coverage: update for sys.modules addition
    - run-tests: allow to skip complex tests if it's not compiled in
    - add min/max "default" agrument test
    - builtin_minmax: add testcase for lazy iterable (generator)
    - add test for "not" of a user defined class
    - add tests for %-formatting of bytes
    - add tests for stream IO errors
    - add test which demonstrates uctypes LITTLE_ENDIAN packing failure
    unix port:
    - unix_mphal: use size_t instead of mp_uint_t in stdout_tx_strn decls
    - moduselect: fix bug in poll.poll() scanning loop
    - moduselect: poll.register(): Reuse freed entries in poll array
    - moduselect: support growing of poll array
    - modtime: sleep(): automatically restart after receiving EINTR
    - modtime: sleep(): return early if KeyboardInterrupt is pending
    - mpconfigport.h: for MICROPY_NO_ALLOCA=1, don't even include alloca.h
    - main: check pending exception at the end of code block execution
    - moduselect: register(): allow to call with duplicate file descriptor
    - modtermios: provide B57600 and B115200 constants only if defined
    - moduselect: implement "one-shot" flag for poll.poll()
    - rename "_os" module to "uos" for consistency with baremetal ports
    - move modmachine into unix directory
    - moduselect: make configurable with MICROPY_PY_USELECT
    - modtime: add strftime() function (only single argument is supported)
    - modos: implement ilistdir()
    - modos: allow to configure use of d_ino using _DIRENT_HAVE_D_INO
    - modos: add errno() function to get/set errno value
    - add FreeDos target
    - change define logic of _DIRENT_HAVE_D_INO to match other macros
    - unix_mphal: properly initialize struct sigaction
    - unix_mphal: just consistently set sigaction.sa_flags to 0
    - machine_mem improvements
    - properly cancel REPL input when Ctrl-C is pressed
    - unix_mphal: raise KeyboardInterrupt straight from signal handler
    - implement uos.dupterm(), conditional on MICROPY_PY_OS_DUPTERM
    windows port:
    - cleanup makefile
    - support 64bit mingw-w64 builds
    - make keyboard_interrupt_obj available, it's standard feature
    - add basic support for raising KeyboardInterrupt
    - add Appveyor CI builds for msvc port
    - better handling of Ctrl-C
    - msvc: nicer handling of asserts and 'invalid' parameters
    - msvc: use different output directories depending on build type
    - msvc: use new modmachine infrastructure per changes in f925165
    - msvc: add dirent.h/.c implementation
    stmhal port:
    - implement delayed RTC initialization with LSI fallback
    - put IRQs into priority order
    - turn off DMA clocks when idle for 100 msec
    - add dma support for sdcard
    - on SysTick IRQ, only process one DMA channel at a time
    - irq: add comment about SDIO priority being higher than DMA
    - irq: set all IRQ subpriorities to 0, since they aren't used
    - move flash storage idle tick handler from TIM3 to SysTick
    - in SysTick IRQ handler, make uwTick variable non-volatile
    - process storage idle tick handler in different slot to DMA
    - increase the priority of UART IRQ
    - add support for the STM32F429I-DISCO kit by STMicro
    - allow make DEBUG=1 to build
    - make stm.mem* support large integers
    - uart.any() function now returns number of bytes available
    - make uart.write() function correctly for timeout=0
    - add board config files for PYBv1.1 and PYBLITEv1.0
    - put all DMA channel & stream definitions in dma.h
    - add raise_irq_pri and restore_irq_pri functions
    - protect SD card DMA transactions against USB MSC contention
    - add rtc.init() method to force RTC to re-initialise
    - only use BASEPRI irq stuff if Cortex is M3 or higher
    - add option to free up TIM3 from USB VCP polling
    - fix uart off by 1 circular buffer size
    - execute boot.py and main.py when formatting the file system
    - print exception information in nlr_jump_failed
    - enable two USB phys to be supported together
    - timer: use mp_float_t instead of float
    - for SPI config, use HW_SPIx_SCK instead of HW_ENABLE_SPIx
    - make uart init use struct instead of array for parsing args
    - extend SPI support to fully support all SPI devices on STM32F429
    - moduselect: implement "oneshot polling" flag
    - change PLL configuration for STM32F7DISC
    - add mem8/mem16/mem32 operations to machine module
    - add pyb.irq_stats() to get statistics about IRQ calls
    - add struct qstr to block of qstrs needed for MICROPY_PY_STRUCT
    - fix usbd_conf.c for devices which don't have USB_HS at all
    cc3200 port:
    - correct buffer offset in serial flash diskio module
    - add __get_BASEPRI and __set_BASEPRI inline function definitions
    esp8266 port:
    - modesp: implement flash_read(offset, size_bytes) function
    - mac() function belongs to network module per the latest API
    - modesp: allow to compile out proprietary espconn stuff
    - library: add network server example
    - add discussion on interrupt handlers incl uPy specific techniques
    - use global MICROPY_NO_ALLOCA setting
    - rename "machine" module to "umachine"
  • v1.5.1
    LwIP support, and preliminary implementation of persistent bytecode
    This release includes the lwip network stack module with slip support.
    There is a preliminary implementation of persistent bytecode which allows
    to save compiled bytecode to a .mpy file, to be loaded at a later time by
    another MicroPython instance.  Double precision floating-point formatting
    is now provided by the core, and the bundled upip module is no longer
    dependent on FFI.  stmhal port has improved RTC startup.  There are many
    bug fixes and improvements to the documentation.
    py core:
    - makeversionhdr.py works with backslashes in paths
    - in inline asm, vldr and vstr offsets now in bytes not words
    - modstruct: support repetition counters for all types, not just string
    - add py/mphal.h and use it in all ports
    - adjust object repr C (30-bit stuffed float) to reduce code size
    - clear finalizer flag when calling gc_free
    - objint_longlong: instead of assert, throw OverflowError
    - asmthumb: allow to compile with -Wsign-compare and -Wunused-parameter
    - emitinlinethumb: allow to compile with -Wsign-compare
    - reorganise bytecode layout so it's more structured, easier to edit
    - put all bytecode state (arg count, etc) in bytecode
    - add constant table to bytecode
    - add MICROPY_PERSISTENT_CODE so code can persist beyond the runtime
    - add MICROPY_PERSISTENT_CODE_LOAD/SAVE to load/save bytecode
    - allow to import compiled bytecode files
    - modmath: make expm1() be in MICROPY_PY_MATH_SPECIAL_FUNCTIONS
    - compile: don't unnecessarily save state when compiling param list
    - implement default and star args for lambdas
    - modmath: make log2, log10 and hyperbolic funcs be SPECIAL_FUNCTIONS
    - in mp_state_ctx_t, make mp_pending_exception volatile
    - store key/value in earliest possible slot in hash table
    - add Cygwin support to py/nlrx86.S
    - add mp_compile_to_raw_code() to return raw code object
    - emitglue: add mp_raw_code_load_mem to load raw-code from memory
    - emitglue: host definition of mp_verbose_flag
    - formatfloat: convert to fully portable implementation
    - formatfloat: fix incorrect rounding for %f format
    - formatfloat: handle calculation of integer digit for %f format properly
    - mpz: normalize xor operation result to fix bugs in comparisons
    - emitglue: add feature-flag header to .mpy to detect bytecode compat
    - emitglue: implement persistent saving and loading of const objects
    - check that second argument to hasattr is actually a string
    - do proper checking of * and ** in function definition
    - modlwip: initial commit of the lwip network stack module
    - modlwip: slip: Use stream protocol and be port-independent
    - modlwip: lwip_tcp_send(): Common subexpression elimination, use MIN()
    - modlwip: socket->incoming changed by async callbacks, must be volatile
    - modlwip: change void pointers to unions, include new mphal.h file
    - moductypes: implement buffer protocol
    - moductypes: when dealing with UINT64, use mp_obj_new_int_from_ull()
    - re1.5: update to 0.8, implements ?: and ??, as well as improved robustness
    - re1.5: workaround issue with mingw32-gcc 4.2.1
    - modure: make sure that errors in regexps are caught early
    - lwip: add LwIP stack as a submodule in the library directory
    - pyexec: for paste mode use "Ctrl" as the name of the key, not "CTRL"
    - memzip: factor out memzip from teensy/ into lib/memzip
    - mp-readline: make it easy to exit auto-indent mode by pressing enter
    - fatfs: unify fatfs configuration
    - pyexec: move header pyexec.h from stmhal directory
    - utils/printf: move from stmhal/
    - pyboard.py: make -c (inline Python code) option compatible with python2
    - pyboard.py: don't add terminating \x04 character to stdout output
    - update to upip 0.6.2: removes FFI dependency
    - jni: test for basic object operations
    - make sure test output has \r\n line-ends when running on Windows
    - base/struct1.py: add test for repetition counters
    - jni: add test for working with container of List interface
    - float/string_format: add testcase for incorrect rounding for %f
    - int_big_xor: test that xor result is normalized
    - int_big_*: add more tests for result normalization
    minimal port:
    - use mp_hal_ticks_ms()
    - add an explicit comment on the gchelper.s line in the Makefile
    unix port:
    - modjni: don't pass Java object to a method which doesn't expect it
    - modjni: actually check argument type when doing method resolution
    - gccollect: fallback to setjmp-based register fetching automatically
    - modjni: add missing get_jclass_name() function
    - allow to override MICROPY_PY_MATH_SPECIAL_FUNCTIONS from command-line
    - switch stderr printing from ANSI C to native POSIX
    - modos: add getenv()
    - modos: add mkdir()
    - modos: getenv(): Handle non-existing envvar correctly
    - input: switch to POSIX I/O for history reading/writing
    - add "uselect" module, with poll() function
    - modsocket: implement sockaddr() function to decode raw socket address
    - modsocket: use snprintf(), as defined by lib/utils/printf.c
    - use printf() implementation in terms of mp_printf()
    - main: get rid of perror() which uses stdio
    windows port:
    - do not use wildcards when looking in dirs containing optional features
    - add usleep() implementation for msvc port
    - REPL: erase pre-calc'd number of chars instead of clearing whole line
    - rename "time" module to "utime" for consistency with others
    - call _set_output_format() only on Visual Studio versions 2013 or lower
    - use write() instead of fwrite() to avoid out-of-order output
    - README: deprecate mingw32, suggest using mingw64
    - update build instructions in the README
    - fix project file for Visual Studio 2015
    - allow specifying the python executable to use for msvc builds
    - define ssize_t and use renamed mphal header
    stmhal port:
    - ffconf.h: include py/mpconfig.h
    - fix USB_VCP.recv so that it returns actual amount of bytes read
    - pyexec: use mp_hal_ticks_ms()
    - moduselect: use mp_hal_ticks_ms()
    - make accel AVDD pin configurable via mpconfigboard.h
    - enable sdcard on STM32F7DISC board
    - add define for UNIQUE_ID address (differs per MCU)
    - make RTC init skip startup if LTE is already enabled and ready
    - update PYBv3 and PYBv4 pin defs to include MMA pins, and others
    - pyexec.c is common module, move to lib/utils/
    - add symbolic #defines for interrupt levels in irq.h
    - can: fix a bug in filter handling
    - rtc: lSx oscillator is only initialized upon initial power up
    - add missing regex property for parsing header comments
    - print more information at HardFault time
    - fatFS configuration moved to the library folder
    - moduselect: expose POLLIN/OUT/ERR/HUP constants
    - modmachine: initial attempt to add I2C & SPI classes
    cc3200 port:
    - add created sockets to the registry
    - enable WLAN irq on creation
    - allow to read pin value when in OPEN_DRAIN mode
    - update README to change pyb to machine
    - set pin direction first, then value
    - fix bug in FTP command buffer, and set listening backlog to 0
    - actually allow to specify a custom build directory
    - switch from HAL_Delay() to mp_hal_delay_ms()
    - switch from HAL_GetTick() to mp_hal_ticks_ms()
    - use common pyexec.c
    - fix SPI clock divider calculation
    - make telnet server ignore NULL characters
    - force SSL method to be TLSV1
    - fatFS configuration moved to the library folder
    - unmount all user file systems after a soft reset
    - appsign.sh: use md5 if running under Darwin
    teensy port:
    - switch from HAL_* to mp_hal_* functions
    - switch over to using frozen modules instead of memzip
    esp8266 port:
    - switch to standard mp_hal_*() functions
    - add example of I2C usage, taking PyBoard accelerometer as subject
    - add remark about ssl sockets and standard sockets
    - correct machine.RTC examples
    - explicitly specify behavior of UART stream protocol methods on timeout
    - USB_VCP: Always in non-blocking mode, clarify stream method returns
    - wipy: fix error in WLAN quickref
    - wipy: fix several typos and change some pyboard to WiPy
    - wipy: fix bug in example code and add note regarding OTA
    - select: Describe poll.poll() return value in detail
    - actually add unix port indexes, so docs for it could be generated
    - library/index.rst: minimally adapt for unix port
    - move instructions on generating the documentation to docs/README.md
    - add docs about REPL paste-mode and Control-C
    - select: document POLLIN/OUT/ERR/HUP
    - update docs for WiPy wlan.connect()
    - wipy: add warning about losing wlan connection when changing mode
    - wipy: make wifi/wlan naming consistent with tutorial.rst
  • v1.5
    First-class REPL, ussl module, machine module for WiPy, stuffed-floats
    This release brings first-class REPL support, which now has tab completion,
    auto-indent, paste mode, history and _ to hold the last computed value.
    There is a new ussl module, and one can now build a standalone unix binary.
    The new machine API is implemented in cc3200, with the machine module and
    additions to time and os modules.  stmhal contains the beginnings of this
    new API, while still retaining full backwards compatibility with the original
    pyb API.  unix also includes the new time functions, sleep_ms, sleep_us,
    ticks_ms, ticks_us and ticks_diff.  A new object representation is available
    which stores single-precision floats within a machine word (using 30-bit
    precision), and allows to use float objects without the heap (not enabled in
    any port).  There are also bug fixes and general improvements.
    py core:
    - put compiler state on the C stack
    - objrange: bugfix for range_subscr() when index is a slice object
    - parsenum: provide detailed error for int parsing with escaped bytes
    - mpz: raise NotImplError instead of failing assertion
    - mpz: force rhs of mpz_shl_inpl/mpz_shr_inpl to be unsigned
    - mpz: fix bignum anding of large negative with smaller positive int
    - catch all cases of integer (big and small) division by zero
    - allocate parse nodes in chunks to reduce fragmentation and RAM use
    - allow to enable inline assembler without native emitter
    - fix edge case when constant-folding negation of integer
    - emitnative: raise ViperTypeError for unsupported unary ops
    - don't generate unnecessary parse nodes for assignment or kwargs
    - factor logic when creating parse node from and-rule
    - makeqstrdata.py: catch and report case of empty input file
    - rename MP_BOOL() to mp_obj_new_bool() for consistency in naming
    - add paste mode to friendly REPL, entered via CTRL-E
    - rename "Micro Python" to "MicroPython" in REPL, help, readme's and misc
    - objarray: allow to create array of void pointers, as extension to CPython
    - move constant folding from compiler to parser
    - make parser error handling cleaner, less spaghetti-like
    - allow to to build MicroPython as a static library
    - add support to call __init__ from a builtin module on first import
    - implement ptr32 load and store in viper emitter
    - fix calc of qstr memory usage, due to new qstr chunk allocation
    - remove dependency on printf/fwrite in mp_plat_print
    - fix with+for+return bug by popping for-iter when unwinding exc stack
    - add option for inline assembler to support ARMv7-M instructions
    - add support for _ in REPL to hold last computed value
    - stream: allow to reuse is_nonblocking_error()
    - add lsl/lsr/asr opcode support to inline Thumb2 assembler
    - add mp_obj_is_float function (macro) and use it where appropriate
    - move float e/pi consts to objfloat and make mp_obj_float_t private
    - make float representation configurable with object representation
    - add object repr "C", where 30-bit floats are stuffed in obj word
    - nlrthumb: make compatible with Cortex-M0 (ARMv6M instr set)
    - add modussl, an SSL socket wrapper module based on axTLS
    - axtls: add axtls git submodule, dependency of modussl
    - libffi: add libffi as a submodule
    - mp-readline: add n_chars argument to mp_hal_erase_line_from_cursor
    - make netutils.h available to all ports by default
    - sdcard: allow up to 5 retries to initialise SD card
    - upip: update to 0.5.9
    - pyboard: add -c argument to run a program passed as a string
    - wipy: improve robustness of time test
    - wipy: improve robustness of rtc_irq test
    - wipy: add machine module tests
    - test slicing a range that does not start at zero
    - add further tests for mpz code
    - allow tests to pass against CPython 3.5
    - add test for evaluation order of dictionary key/value pairs
    - in pyb RTC tests, check wakeup register values
    - add more tests for viper 16/32-bit load/store, and ellipsis
    - jni: start adding modjni tests
    - extmod: add tests for sleep_ms/us(), ticks_ms/us/diff()
    unix port:
    - modjni: new_jobject(): Handle null reference
    - modjni: call_method(): If name doesn't match, cleanup via goto next_method
    - modjni: call_method: Better resource release
    - modjni: call_method: Delete done local references in loop
    - modjni: implement len() for objects with java.util.List interface
    - modjni: fix method argument matching
    - modjni: propagate Java exceptions on list access
    - modjni: convert Java's IndexOutOfBoundsException to Python's IndexError
    - modjni: jobject.__str__/__repr__: Return Java .toString() value
    - modjni: jclass.__str__/__repr__: Return Java .toString() value
    - add support for building axtls dependency lib
    - modjni: after Call*Method(), Java exception should always be checked
    - modjni: allow to access fields of objects
    - modjni: py2jvalue: Support bool and None values
    - modsocket: fix usage of pointers to locals outside scope
    - add exit and paste-mode hints to shell startup banner
    - modtermios: tcsetattr: if 0 passed for "when" param, treat as TCSANOW
    - modjni: call_method: check for Java exception after method return
    - modjni: add iteration support for Java List objects
    - allow to build against Android down to 1.5
    - modos: add statvfs() function
    - unix_mphal: implement HAL_Delay() and HAL_GetTick()
    - modtime: implement sleep_ms(), sleep_us()
    - modtime: implement ticks_ms(), ticks_us() and ticks_diff()
    - modos: android Bionic lacks statvfs(), has BSD statfs()
    stmhal port:
    - in RTC.wakeup, fix setting of wucksel to get correct period
    - fix RTC.wakeup so it correctly calculates WUT for large periods
    - fix USB CDC-only mode under Windows
    - enable REPL auto indent; document paste mode in help()
    - allow to set bits resolution for DAC; 8 is default, can have 12
    - make USB serial number actually be unique
    - early version of machine module for stmhal
    - add sleep_{ms,us} and ticks_{ms,us,cpu,diff} to time module
    - implement os.dupterm (was pyb.repl_uart)
    - uart: if char is not received within timeout, return EAGAIN error
    - bring Pin class close to new machine module specification
    - rtc: init uses YMD rather than backup register to detect powerup
    - enable "all special methods" configuration option
    cc3200 port:
    - new irq API, affects all classes that provide the irq method
    - new WLAN API including test
    - implement support for os.dupterm()
    - rename pyb module to machine
    - disable uheapq and uhashlib
    - make auth param positional in wlan.connect
    - always reset WLAN after setting the mode
    - wiPy SW v1.0.0 release
    - in scan results rename 'auth' field to 'sec'
    - create wipy module, remove HeartBeat class
    - increase stack sizes a bit
    - refactor network module to make the server a propper object
    - WLAN class can retrieve the existing instance
    - enable REPL autoindent
    - uart.read() returns EGAIN if no chars available
    - make socket.listen([backlog]) compliant with Python 3.5
    - enable "all special methods" configuration option
    - bump version to 1.1.0
    - update esp8266 documentation to match the code
    - describe properly how MCU can be woken from pyb.standby() state
    - wipy: update all WiPy docs to reflect the new API
    - wipy: add wipy and network.server documentation
    - wipy: add wipy tutorials section
    - wipy: add usocket and ussl modules' documentation
    - wipy: several corrections to the classes in the machine module
    - wipy: remove remaining references to 'af', which is now 'alt'
    - wipy: add more tutorials and examples
    - travis: build "deplibs" in unix port
    - README: document "Ctrl-D" shell exit
    - README: document how to enable/build external dependencies
  • v1.4.6
    Auto-indent for REPL, jni module for unix, lots more tests
    py core:
    - make frozensets hashable
    - add MICROPY_PY_BUILTINS_FILTER to configure filter builtin
    - make slice attributes (start/stop/step) readable (enable via
    - add support for array('q') and array('Q')
    - add stream_tell method, and use for unix and stmhal file tell
    - make string formatting 8-bit clean
    - treat escaped quotes correctly in REPL continuation
    - fix function args when a star-arg is followed by keyword args
    - properly classify floats that look like hex numbers (eg 0e0)
    - fix calculation of max digit storage for mpz; fix sys.maxsize
    - refine SyntaxError for repeated use of global/nonlocal
    - raise SyntaxError when unicode char point out of range
    - fix error reporting for unexpected end of modulo format str
    - fix error type for badly formatted format specifier (is now ValueError)
    - raise NotImplementedError for unicode name escape instead of assert
    - for str.endswith(s, start) raise NotImplementedError instead of assert
    - make str.rsplit(None,n) raise NotImplementedError instead of assert
    - handle 'raise X from Y' by issuing a warning that exception chaining is
      not supported
    - make it_iternext() recognize IndexError
    - only compile function annotations if really needed (for native emitter)
    - simplify dispatch of bool binary op
    - simplify printing of bytes objects when unicode enabled
    - readline: add auto-indent support; 4 spaces are added at start of line
      to match previous indent, and if previous line ended in colon; backspace
      deletes 4 space if only spaces begin a line
    - nrf24l01: fix SPI phase setting to match specs of nRF chip
    - upgrade upip to 0.5.8 (adds support for experimental ussl module)
    - explain in README how tests get skipped
    - add feature_check dir to collect capability detection scripts
    - split byteorder-dependent tests to *_endian.py's
    - allow to skip byteorder-dependent tests
    - add escaped quotes tests for REPL
    - add tests for bool, bytearray, float, exceptions (to improve coverage)
    - add test for exception-chaining raise syntax
    - add test on set/frozenset equality
    - add tests for non-compliant behaviour (relative to CPython)
    - add test where __getitem__ raises IndexError to stop iteration
    - make io test cleanup after itself by removing 'testfile'
    - move int+unicode test to unicode-specific test directory
    - wipy: add I2C tests
    - wipy: additional tests for when the UART is un-initialized
    - wipy: improve UART tests with no pin assignment case
    - wipy: remove unneeded dependencies to pyb.Pin
    unix-cpy port:
    - port is removed (no longer needed), along with conditional code in core
    unix port:
    - bump default heap size to 1MB (2MB on 64-bit systems)
    - enable REPL auto-indent
    - allow to build libffi from source and link against it
    - add 'jni' module to interface to JNI-compliant JavaVM
    windows port:
    - make mpconfigport.h up-to-date with the unix port
    - make unistd.h more posix compatible
    stmhal port:
    - use polling, not DMA, for 1 byte SPI transfers
    - add 'opt' arg to pyb.main, to set mp_optimise_value
    - add option to query for the current usb mode
    - add support for STM32F411 Discovery Board (STM32F411E-DISCO)
    - enable I & D caches for Cortex-M7
    - fix single precision float printing error
    cc3200 port:
    - implement new Pin API
    - implement new UART API
    - implement new I2C API
    - implement new SPI API
    - implement new ADC API
    - implement new WDT API
    - implement new SD and RTC API plus os and time modules' extensions
    - improve uniflash script and make it a bit more verbose
    - increase error led blynk period to 100ms
    - keep overwriting the same image on sequential updates
    - improve file system check routine
    - make sure to update sleep objects when registered
    - reduce servers cycle time to improve FTP transfer rate
    - remove unneeded loops in the FreeRTOS hooks
    - server side SSL socket requires both certfile and keyfile
    - don't clear the WDT special bit in the bootloader
    - disable some uPy features in debug mode to help code fit
    - change HeartBeat period from 5 to 4 seconds
    - add mphal error to raise hardware related exceptions
    esp8266 port:
    - add wifi_mode() to read and set WiFi operating mode
    - add wlan.isconnected() to maintain parity with other ports
    - wipy: adapt ADC doc and quickref to the new API
    - wipy: update I2C and UART docs to match the new API
    - wipy: add pins to the I2C constructor
  • v1.4.5
    Lots of additions and improvements; support for STM32F2 and F7 MCUs.
    py core:
    - make showbc decode UNPACK_EX, and use correct range for unop/binop
    - use wrapper to check self argument of builtin methods, to prevent seg faults
    - remove mp_load_const_str and replace uses with inlined version
    - remove mp_load_const_bytes and instead load precreated bytes object
    - improve mp_import_name() debug logging
    - catch case when relative import happens without active package
    - fix running package submodule with -m
    - add TimeoutError exception subclassed from OSError
    - allow to build with debugging and bytearray but no array
    - modstruct: Raise NotImplementedError for unsupported repeat specification
    - REPL: Fix case where shorter names are shadowed by longer names
    - prevent many extra vstr allocations by preallocating room for null byte
    - improve allocation policy of qstr data (saves RAM)
    - modbuiltins: Implement round() to precision
    - make qstr hash size configurable, defaults to 2 bytes
    - implement memoryview slice assignment, eg m1[0:3] = m2[2:5]
    - viper: allow functions to take up to 4 arguments
    - vipre: issue an error when compiling functions with more than 4 args
    - raise SyntaxError when str hex escape sequence is malformed
    - fix handling of parsing empty input so it raises an exception
    - viper: compile errors now have traceback with function and filename
    - REPL: don't look inside strings for unmatched brackets/quotes
    - give more precise line number for compile errors (incl viper functions)
    - make list += accept all arguments and add test
    - makeversionhdr.py: Fallback to using docs version if no git repo
    - ubinascii: add a2b_base64 and b2a_base64 functions
    - machine: implement physical memory access using /dev/mem (Linux, etc)
    - readline: add emacs control chars for cursor movement (disabled by default)
    - onewire: fix ds18x20.read_temp so it works when no rom given
    - update upip to 0.5.4: recognize and handle "package not found" error
    - make-frozen.py: make Python2 compatibile
    - pydfu.py: fix to work with old and new versions of PyUSB
    - pyboard.py: fix parsing of returned error so last chr is not lost
    - pyboard.py: make enter_raw_repl stricter and more reliable
    - pyboard.py: speed up reading of chars by decreasing sleep period
    - pyboard.py: add telnet support
    - pyboard.py: make Python2 compatible
    - add testcase for open(..., "a")
    - adapt basics/memoryerror.py for ports with lower heap sizes
    - adapt misc/features.py tests for ports without floating point
    - add support for the WiPy in run-tests script (use --target to specify it)
    - split out json float tests to separate files
    - add test for relative import without package context
    - skip parser test if "compile" builtin is not available
    - use PTY when running REPL tests
    - add test for pyboard SPI in slave mode, recv with no master
    - test REPL emacs keys, but only if present
    - always use forward slashes for paths (for Windows tests)
    - fix exceptions when running cmdline tests on Windows
    - Remove over-specification of startup banner
    unix port:
    - add O_WRONLY | O_CREAT to open call when opening file for append ("a")
    - socket.getaddrinfo: accept family & socktype arguments
    - socket.getaddrinfo: port is unsigned value
    - modsocket: implement sendto(), recvfrom(), inet_pton()
    - set MICROPY_PY_SYS_PLATFORM to "darwin" if compiled on OSX
    stmhal port:
    - modify dma_init() to accept init struct as an argument, making it more generic
    - add config option for storage to use second flash segment (disable by default)
    - add I2S support to make-pins.py
    - add qstr definition for ifconfig when building for WizNet
    - move HAL Cube files to f4/ subdir, keeping only those we use
    - add STM32CubeF2 version 1.1.0, in hal/f2 directory
    - add CMSIS device header files for STM32F2xx series
    - allow DAC.write_timed to take Timer object in place of freq
    - allow ADC.read_timed to take Timer object in place of freq
    - check if user block device is mounted before accessing it
    - put fs_user_mount pointer in root ptr section of global state (fixes crash)
    - add hal and cmsis files from STM32Cube_FW_F7_V1.1.0
    - add STM32F7DISC support
    - factor out USRSW boot-up code and support boards with 1 LED
    - factor GPIO clock enable logic into mp_hal_gpio_clock_enable
    - add capability to print out info about a hard fault (disabled by default)
    - fix make-pins.py to allow Port K
    - add better support for UART having Tx and Rx on different ports
    - add support for USART1 and conditional pins in make-pins.py
    - add STM32F7 support for USB serial and storage
    - enable I2C support for F7 MCUs
    - enable SPI support for F7 MCUs
    - fix hardfault when configured as a SPI slave
    - generate modstm constants per build
    cc3200 port:
    - in Timer.callback() only use value param if in edge count mode
    - create tools folder and add update-wipy.py script
    - add deploy target and improve robustness of update-wipy.py
    - enable more features to improve compatibility with stmhal
    - add `Pin.name()` method
    - adapt update-wipy.py timing to improve stability
    - correct socket settimeout time format
    - add CA, certificate and key files to the updater list
    - add socket.timeout and socket.error exceptions
    - raise an exception if trying to scan for networks in AP mode
    - optimize check for WLAN AP mode
    - set WLAN date/time via the rtc.datetime method()
    - add modussl, ssl sockets subclassed from normal sockets
    - time.sleep() now receives seconds, like CPython
    - fix socket recv and recvfrom return value type
    - enable base64 methods from modubinascii
    - increment interrupt stack size from 2K to 3K
    - create /flash/sys and /flash/lib directories while booting
    - translate simplelink's socket error numbers to POSIX values
    - use alternative HAL_Delay also when interrupts are disabled
    - correct udelay us to ticks calculation
    - increment telnet Tx retry delay on every try
    - add struct weak link for ustruct
    - set simplelink time and date when enabling WLAN
    - refactor and clean-up socket closing code
    - implement new OTA mechanism with 2 firmware update slots
    - create /flash/cert folder if it doesn't exist
    - make socket stream methods return POSIX error codes
    - add socket.sendall() (aliases to send())
    - rename pins from GPIO to just GP
    - add socket.makefile()
    - switch to 1 byte hash for QSTRs
    - on ssl.read() or ssl.readall() ignore ssl layer closed error
    - append last 2 bytes of the MAC address to the default SSID
    - make I2C and SPI API the same as in stmhal
    - add nic.iwconfig() to set/get WLAN configuration
    - improve support for WEP security
    - enable bootloader safe boot on latest firmware
    - fix bug in ffconf regarding '/flash' string length
    - add script to program the WiPy via UniFlash (windows only...)
    - add factory smoke test as part of the tools
    - speed up file system checking during start-up
    - on the first boot, always make AP ssid='wipy-wlan'
    - make ADC API compatible with the pyboard
    esp8266 port:
    - move scan() from esp module to network
    - update the README.md to reflect what works
    - move status() from esp module to network
    - make pyb.RTC a type, and pyb.RTC() constructs an RTC object
    - allow to easily override programming baudrate
    - add more documentation for the CC3200 in the pyb module
    - add "reference" directory for putting docs about the language
    - add reference for Thumb2 inline assembler
    - make index link point to "index.html" irrespective of port
    - fix duplicate label error for network.WLAN
    - update safe boot comments to match actual behaviour
    - update pyb.Accel doc to reflect changes and explain filtered_xyz
    - correct nic.ifconfig() quickref example
    - add i2c keywork arguments only indication
  • v1.4.4
    Unix binary gets tab completion and builtin upip, and more.
    py core:
    - allow to compile without needing git to extract version
    - conform to CPython's way of printing nan/inf with padding
    - wrap qstr defs in quotes to protect from C preprocessor
    - add stack check to mp_iternext to catch nested iterators
    - implement implicit cast to obj for viper load/store index/value
    - implement native multiply operation in viper emitter
    - expose KeyboardInterrupt in builtins module
    - fallback to stack alloca for Python-stack if heap alloc fails
    - support unicode (utf-8 encoded) identifiers in Python source
    - implement second arg for math.log (optional value for base)
    - support mpz bignums in divmod builtin
    - add ubinascii.unhexlify
    - swap address and descriptor args in uctypes constructor
    - fix some issues with dates prior to 1 Mar 2000
    - implemente delete key in readline
    - pyboard.py: allow pyboard constructor to take a baudrate parameter
    - pyboard.py: change logic for when raw ">" prompt is parsed
    - add codestats.sh to compute code statistics such as size, speed
    unix port:
    - add option to use uPy readline and enable by default (adds tab completion)
    - include upip as frozen module within standard uPy executable; standard
      way to use is: micropython -m upip install <module>
    - allow to cat a script into stdin from the command line
    - make micropython -m <module> work for frozen modules
    windows port:
    - implement mp_hal_xxx functions and enable uPy readline
    stmhal port:
    - raise error if disk is full when writing a file
    - implement sys.stdin.buffer, sys.stdout.buffer for raw byte mode
    - remove all PYBVxx defines and use general config vars instead
    - add support for UART5 if MCU has it
    - fix slow SPI DMA transfers by removing wfi from DMA wait loop
    - break immediately from USB CDC busy wait loop if IRQs disabled
    - make I2C transfers use DMA when possible (when IRQs are enabled)
    cc3200 port:
    - add os.rename()
    - add Timer module
    - add uhashlib with SHA1 and SHA256
    - add ubinascii module
    - implement full set of wake-on-WLAN features
    - remove NIC abstraction layer
    - improve WDT
    - make peripheral API more similar to stmhal's
    - improve reliability of ftp and telnet servers
    - add antenna selection feature to WLAN
    - add sendbreak method to UART
    esp8266 port:
    - add uos module
    - allow to set CPU frequency to 160MHz using pyb.freq
    - add pyb.ADC class
    - to esp module add: mac, phy_mode, sleep_type, deepsleep, flash_id
    - update SDK to version 1.1.0 (MIT licensed)
    - fix lost chars when transfering large amounts of data over UART
    - add skeleton "network" module with bare WLAN() constructor
    - add WLAN.connect/disconnect functions
    - change esp_scan to keep the current WiFi operating mode
    - document esp module
    - allow to generate separate docs for each port (using ..only directive)
    - add initial docs for the WiPy
  • v1.4.3
    Tab autocompletion, and various improvements and bug fixes.
    py core:
    - add attrtuple for space efficient tuples with attr access
    - add sys.implementation, with uPy name and version number
    - fix printing of "inf" and "nan" values
    - native: fix stack adjustment when erroring on binary op
    - mpz: fix bug with shl not truncating zero digits correctly
    - modify "with" implementation so it doesn't use any heap
    - add sys.exc_info()
    - implement conversion of bignum to bytes
    - implement struct.pack with 'q' and 'Q' args on 32-bit archs
    - replace py-version.sh with makeversiohdr.py, written in Python
    - implement tab autocompletion for REPL
    - rename struct module to ustruct
    - add NotImplemented builtin constant
    - handle user instance hash based on Python adhoc rules
    - fix naming of function arguments when function is a closure
    - fix printing of complex numbers with nan/inf
    - add machine module, with mem8, mem16, mem32 objects
    - move common mod_network_* functions to lib/netutils
    - move common time functions to lib/timeutils
    - pyboard.py: add "--follow" option to wait for output indefinitely
    - add script to install "upip" package manager
    - add more viper tests, including for ViperTypeError
    - coverage at 94%
    unix port:
    - modffi: support passing float/double args
    - add special function to coverage build to improve coverage
    - print unhandled exceptions to stderr
    stmhal port:
    - implement os.uname()
    - reset timer counter to zero after changing auto reload
    - properly disable unhandled timer interrupts
    - automatically reenable IRQs when code drops to the USB REPL
    - allow to configure UART pins completely via mpconfigboard.h
    - make raw REPL work with event-driven version of pyexec
    - add rtc.calibration() method to get/set RTC fine-tuning value
    - add os.rename()
    - add readinto() and readlines() methods to sys.stdin and pyb.USB_VCP
    cc3200 port:
    - add WiPy specific info to README.md
    - fix byte order in MAKE_SOCKADDR and UNPACK_SOCKADDR
    - select NIC when the socket is created
    - add delays to allow ftp and telnet servers to start/stop
    - make telnet login work with Tera Term
    - implement os.uname()
    - make WLAN scan results a list of attrtuples
    - make WLAN.isconnected() also work in AP mode
    - implement Sleep.wake_reason()
    - make WLAN.ifconfig() return an attrtuple
    esp8266 port:
    - export station status() constants
    - add esp.socket class, with ESP-style socket functionality
    - add raw REPL support and working soft reset
    - fix garbage collector by hard-coding stack end address
    - add socket.onsent() callback support
    - add support for frozen modules
    - implement time functions
    - add utime and pyb.RTC
    - add module weak links
    - document pyb.stop, pyb.standby, pyb.RTC.wakeup
    - document USB_VCP read* and write methods
  • v1.4.2
    Improved native codegen, better printf, support for F401 and F411 MCUs.
    py core:
    - implement delete for property and descriptors
    - add option to disable "enumerate" and "reversed" builtins
    - can call functions with *args in native emitter
    - implement full function arg passing for native emitter
    - combine load_attr and store_attr internal type methods into one
    - fix formatting of floating point numbers near 1.0
    - support assignment of bytes to bytearray slices
    - overhaul and simplify printf/pfenv mechanism
    - fix builtin ord so that it can handle bytes values >= 0x80
    - inlinethumb: add support for core floating point instructions
    - make viper code generator raise ViperTypeError on error
    - string0.c now in lib/libc/ (was in stmhal/)
    - fatfs code size reduced (by 768 bytes on Thumb2 archs)
    - more tests for builtins
    - tests for lexer
    - coverage increased to 93%
    - make LED object print LED(x) for consistency with constructor
    - in USB HID driver, make polling interval configurable
    - allow sending CAN messages with timeout=0
    - add support for sending and receiving CAN RTR messages
    - make board parameters more configurable (HSE PLL, LED4, TIMs, etc)
    - add support for F401 and F411 MCUs
    - add support for Espruino Pico board
    - make raw REPL mode 8-bit clean
    cc3200 port:
    - enable pull-ups for stdio UART pins
    - enable long filename support in fatfs
    - add WLAN.config_ip(), to assign a static IP
    - add IPPROTO_SEC so secure sockets can be made
    - make pyboard.py 8-bit clean, so it works with unicode chars
    - document pyb.main() function
  • v1.4.1
    Stackless support, new 16-bit PIC port.
    py core:
    - builtin round() accepts second arg
    - add more special methods: __pos__, __neg__, __invert__
    - support for stackless Python calls in VM, strict and non-strict
    - support for object representation that suits 16-bit archs
    - implement closures in native code emitter
    - implement str.splitlines() method
    - fatfs library upgraded to R0.11 (fixes bugs with unlink)
    pic16bit port:
    - new port to 16-bit PIC (reference MCU is dsPIC33J256GP506)
    - heap is 4600 bytes
    - implement basic pyb module with delay
    - implement basic LED and Switch classes
    - initial docs for micropython module
    - additional example for Timer callback usage
    - document instantiating struct objects in uctypes
  • v1.4
    More Python features, reduced code size, coverage testing at 91%.
    py core:
    - add builtin setattr function
    - optimise exceptions for out-of-memory scenario
    - add some special methods: __mul__, __floordiv__, __truediv__
    - implement array slice assignment
    - add support for start/stop/step attrs in range object
    - make builtin abs work with bools and bignums
    - add basic implementation of collections.OrderedDict
    - add support for a function's __name__
    - refactor compiler code to reduce code size by up to 2k
    - support for descriptors __get__ and __set__
    inline Thumb2 assembler:
    - more robust syntax checking
    - general bug fixes
    - better error messages
    - add "it" instructions
    - add bl, bx instructions
    - add bcc_n, bcc_w instructions
    - modure: bug fixes for groups
    - modure: add named classes
    - libm: add erf, erfc, lgamma, tgamma
    - add onewire driver in pure Python
    - add ds18x20 temp sensor driver, using onewire
    - cc3100 driver upgraded to v1.1.0
    - lots of new tests, including many for SyntaxError
    - automated covage testing using coveralls, at 91% coverage
    unix port:
    - support for readline history saving to file
    stmhal port:
    - usbdev code cleanup
    - add Python-configurable USB HID mode
    - add CDC only USB option
    - improve USB descriptors (untested on Windows and Mac)
    - add UART.sendbreak() method to send break condition
    - add support for CAN rx callbacks
    - raise error if UART can't do requested baudrate within 5%
    - fix timing init when callback is passed as argument to init
    - add support for quadrature encoder mode in TimerChannel
    - fix ADC.read_timed so buffer store respects element size
    - add RTC.wakeup method to set wakeup timer (preliminary)
    - add compile-time config option for RTC to use LSE or LSI
    - bug fix related to unhandled channel interrupts
    - improved support for stop and standby mode
    - expose all PYBv1.0 pins, including SD and USB pins
    - optimise ADC.read_timed so it can sample at up to 750kHz
    - make pybstdio code usable by other ports
    cc3200 port:
    - add I2C module
    - add ADC module
    - add SD module
    - support for connecting to WEP secured networks
    - add WDT support
    - add low power support
    - add SPi module
    esp8266 port:
    - add basic pyb.Pin class
    - add list of Kickstarter backers in ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS file
    size difference in bytes to previous version (a negative value means
    binary is smaller in this version):
    - bare-arm: -2448
    - minimal: -3028
    - unix: +574
    - stmhal: +7996
    - cc3200: -2984
    - teensy: -10560
    - esp8266: -936
    - qemu-arm: -844
  • v1.3.10
    Bug fixes, CC3200 port, improved inline assembler
    py core:
    - big-int bug fixes
    - support for floats in struct module
    - vstr no longer null-terminates buff by default
    - properly handle CR/LF in triple-quoted string
    - list.sort now has O(log(N)) stack usage
    - parse big-int/float constants directly in parser
    - allow to subclass native buffer objects
    - reduce stack size of VM by 8 bytes on stmhal, 16 on x86
    - add ldrex, strex, push, pop, sdiv, udiv, clz, rbit to inline assembler
    - make inline assembler report line numbers on error
    - uzlib: raw deflate decoding support
    unix port:
    - add "coverage" makefile target for coverage testing
    stmhal port:
    - bug fixes in ADCAll object
    - bug fix in timer.deinit
    esp8266 port:
    - add esp module
    - add connect, disconnect, status functions
    cc3200 port:
    - new port to the CC3200 launchxl board
  • v1.3.9
    Internal changes, RAM and ROM reductions, new minimal port
    py core:
    - lots of small optimisations, cleanups and code size reduction
    - move away from Plan 9 headers to traditional guarded ones
    - improved and optimised float to int conversion
    - fix right-shifting edge cases in mpz
    - namedtuple: use sequence of strings for init
    - namedtuple: allow keyword arguments in constructor
    - ability to issue compile/runtime warnings
    - str.format now has kwargs support
    - put all global state togther in a state structure
    - optimisation to cache map lookup results in bytecode
    - fix handling of "0" in some mpz functions
    - implement equality check for all types
    - add qstr cfg capability
    - can now configure qstr len storage; defaults to using 1 byte
    - allow code to compile with lots more warnings enabled
    - add LOAD_CONST_OBJ bytecode, to directly load Python objects
    - never intern data of large str/bytes objects
    - fix handling of default except in compiler
    - add extra pass to bytecode compiler to compute stack size
    - implement very simple frozen modules support
    - implement __reversed__ slot
    - implement proper re-raising in native codegen's finally handler
    - move readline code from stmhal to lib/mp-readline/
    - readline refactored to support event-driven usage
    - add frexp and modf to libm
    minimal port:
    - new port, intended to represent minimal working code
    stmhal port:
    - collect root pointers together; improves GC speed
    - add MICROPY_HW_USB_OTG_ID_PIN option
    - add support for FEZ Cerb40 II board
    - bug fixes in network module and usocket.accept, setsockopt
    qemu-arm port:
    - enable GC and native code-gen
    - add working tests
    - get tests running under Travis CI
    esp8266 port:
    - use dedicated heap allocated as static array
    - implement task-based, event-driven interface with UART
    - implement pyb.hard_reset()
  • v1.3.8
    Feature additions to core, unix and stmhal; general improvements.
    py core:
    - implement +, +=, .extend for bytarray and array objs
    - add mem_info, qstr_info to micropython module
    - bytes/bytearray/array can be init'd by buffer protocol objs
    - optimised lexer by exposing lexer type; gives ROM savings
    - add sys.print_exception
    - allow builtins to be overridden
    - fixed all semantic issues with range optimisation
    - compiler gives proper SyntaxError exceptions for bad global/nonlocal
    - reduce VM exception stack size by 1 machine word per exception
    - make bytes objs work with more str methods
    - refactor and make mp_bytecode_print and friends more useful
    - start transition to guarded includes
    - lots of code cleanup
    - some ROM savings
    - add ubinascii module, with hexlify
    unix port:
    - add _os.unlink, _os.system functions
    - 64-bit clean in ffi module
    - time module renamed to utime
    stmhal port:
    - add USB_VCP.setinterrupt method, to disable CTRL-C
    - make pyb.[u]delay work when irqs are disabled
    - overhaul of internal network driver interface
    - bug fixes to CC3K and WIZNET5K network drivers
    - use DMA for SPI transfers (only if irqs enabled)
    - allow SPI.init to specify prescaler directly
    - enhance pyb.freq to configure bus frequencies
    - add more math functions (acosh, asinh, atanh, tan)
    - add execfile function
    - upgrade to latest FatFs driver (now in lib/)
    - add ability to mount custom block device
    esp8266 port:
    - put more rodata in irom section
    - add README.md
    - basic docs for uhashlib, ubinascii, ure, uzlib
    - links to LCD and AMP skin schematics
    - general improvements
  • v1.3.7
    Port to ESP8266, add uhashlib, improved CAN driver.
    py core:
    - support more ops for bytes/bytarray
    - support __hash__ for user-defined types
    - support for float/double arrays in array module
    - shorter error messages for TERSE message option
    - add seek via ioctl to stream protocol
    - add uhashlib with sha256
    unix port:
    - heapsize can take w specifier for word adjustment
    stmhal port:
    - CAN init now takes sjw, bs1, bs2 args
    - add CAN filter management
    - fix HAL error raising bug
    esp8266 port:
    - new port to ESP8266 wifi chip
    - minor additions
  • v1.3.6
    Improved documentation, and other small changes.
    py core:
    - add builtin round function
    - gc.enable/disable still allows manual GC (as per CPython)
    - fix builtin callable for user-defined types
    - fix bug for right shift of small int by large amount
    unix port:
    - add "fast" version
    - improve uctypes, including sizeof function
    stmhal port:
    - support for extended CAN frames
    - USB_VCP works with select
    - experimental support for RTS/CTS in UART
    - make UART bits count number of data bits, not incl parity
    - pyb.freq now allows 8MHz and 16MHz
    - revamp and merge all inline docs into Sphinx framework
    - add a few more tutorials
  • v1.3.5
    RAM savings, memoryview, quick-ref and more.
    Improvements to core:
    - make better use of bytecode coding space
    - about 10% RAM savings in bytecode
    - add uheapq module
    - add memoryview builtin
    - add compile builtin
    - support in VM for KeyboardInterrupt
    - fix integer modulo with negative arguments
    - small GC fixes
    - add 2nd arg to readinto
    New features in unix port:
    - CTRL-C raises KeyboardInterrupt
    - heapsize option takes K and M
    - -m option to execute library module
    stmhal improvements:
    - make MMA_INT/PB2 pin available
    - add pyb.hard_reset()
    - cc3k recv improments
    - all HAL errors now raise OSError with POSIX error code
    - USB config improved for windows (CDC on Windows 10 without driver)
    - use different USB PID when in CDC+HID mode (so HID works in Windows)
    - boot.py and main.py use \r\n for newlines
    - change SPI phase from 1,2 to 0,1 to match industry conventions
    - allow DAC object to be init'd from pin
    - improved raw REPL control codes
    - improved pyboard.py script
    - add quick reference page with pinout
  • v1.3.4
    Add regex and CAN, improve UART, and more.
    py core:
    - add basic regex support using re1.5 library
    - replace zlibd with uzlib
    - compiler returns proper exception on SyntaxError
    - proper context saving for eval/exec
    - use mp_[u]int_t in most places instead of [u]int
    - better ARM support in native emitter
    - autodetect machine endianness
    - better big endian support
    - memory errors from locked gc can be reported
    - more robust lexer when out of memory
    - rename modules to begin with u-, and add module weak links
    - more native binops in viper emitter
    - native pointers with load+store in viper
    - fix GC realloc so that chunks are shrunk correctly
    - compiler optimisations for constant if/while conds
    - add kwargs for builtin open() and FileIO
    - enable unicode on windows
    stmhal port:
    - add basic CAN bus support
    - overhaul UART class to use read/write
    - add NRF24L01 driver (in pure Python)
    - pyb.freq can change SYSCLK
    - add pyb.stop and pyb.standby
    - can set Timer freq using float
    - Timer supports complementary channel and deadtime
    - add retry for SD card init
  • v1.3.3
    0bbe4de5 · stmhal: Update help text. ·
    Network support in stmhal, and improved viper compiler.
    Changes in core:
    - tidy up native emitter and assemblers
    - viper can compiler more binary ops
    - viper supports casting (int, ptr8, ptr16)
    - viper can compile native stores (eg p[1] = 42)
    - remove IOError (use OSError instead)
    stmhal port:
    - fix OSX mass storage issue, so pyboard can be left plugged in
    - add network and usocket modules with CC3000 and WIZnet5k support
      (disabled by default)
    - improved percent option in timer PWM
    - add pyb.elapsed_millis, pyb.elapsed_micros
    - internal flash is labelled as "pybflash" on creation
    - don't init NSS pin when initialising SPI bus with NSS_SOFT mode
  • v1.3.2
    Changes in core:
    - bytecode prelude uses less RAM
    - free non-interned strings earlier
    - add builtins module
    - add ujson module with dumps and loads
    - mpz div changed so that mpz is more efficient
    - some compiler optimisations
    - some simplifications of the code
    - bug fix memcpy -> memmove
    - changed most instances of int/uint to mp_int_t/mp_uint_t
    - added ioctl method to stream protocol
    - divmod, % and // support for floating-point numbers
    Native emitter enhancements:
    - bug fixes
    - support for delete name and global
    - support for end finally
    - x86 support
    - x86-64 can use extended regs
    unix port:
    - MIPS compilation support
    stmhal port:
    - add generic select module
    - ability to select/poll on UART objects
    - proper SDHC support (cards > 4gb now work)
    - enhanced timer support (PWM, OC, IC)
    - big fix with miss-aligned stack pointer
    - more math functions implemented
    Added drivers subdirectory with WIZNet5200 support
    (disabled by default).
    Added docs subdirectory and moved to Sphinx docs.
    Improved teensy support.
  • v1.3.1
    Bug fixes, viper improvements, and more
    New features in core:
    - min and max accept key= argument
    - accepts user defined ==, >, <=, >=
    - native support for ARM (non thumb)
    - cut RAM and ROM usage of zlibd
    - significant GC allocation speed up
    Viper improvements:
    - type annotations
    - store to global
    - call functions with native types
    - raise exceptions
    Bug fixes to core:
    - fix multiplication of a sequence by negative number
    - GC bug fix where native code was being collected
    - int(b'1234') now works
    - can now make strings longer than 64k
    unix port:
    - modtermios for unix
    - make install for unix
    stmhal port:
    - reduced code size by 35k
    - put some code into first 16k block
    - in safe mode SD card is still presented as MSD
    - SD card init fixes; should be more reliable
    - added time.mktime; enhanced time.localtime
    - new Pin functions: mode, pull, af
    - nestable enable_irq/disable_irq
    - added pyb.micros()
    - added USB_VCP.any()
    - STM32F4DISC accel support via staccel.py script