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      unix/modos: Implement ilistdir(). · d874702f
      Paul Sokolovsky authored
      ilistdir() returns iterator which yields triples of (name, type, ino)
      where ino is inode number for entry's data, type of entry (file/dir/etc.),
      and name of file/dir. listdir() can be easily implemented in terms of this
      iterator (which is otherwise more efficient in terms of memory use and may
      save expensive call to stat() for each returned entry).
      CPython has os.scandir() which also returns an iterator, but it yields
      more complex objects of DirEntry type. scandir() can also be easily
      implemented in terms of ilistdir().
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      py/objpolyiter: Implement instance-polymorphic iterator type. · 1a1cceaf
      Paul Sokolovsky authored
      This allows to have single itertaor type for various internal iterator
      types (save rodata space by not having repeating almost-empty type
      structures). It works by looking "iternext" method stored in particular
      object instance (should be first object field after "base").
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