1. 16 Apr, 2016 2 commits
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      py: Add rules for automated extraction of qstrs from sources. · d76c65f5
      Jan Čapek authored
      - add template rule that converts a specified source file into a qstring file
      - add special rule for generating a central header that contains all
        extracted/autogenerated strings - defined by QSTR_DEFS_COLLECTED
        variable. Each platform appends a list of sources that may contain
        qstrings into a new build variable: SRC_QSTR. Any autogenerated
        prerequisities are should be appened to SRC_QSTR_AUTO_DEPS variable.
      - remove most qstrings from py/qstrdefs, keep only qstrings that
        contain special characters - these cannot be easily detected in the
        sources without additional annotations
      - remove most manual qstrdefs, use qstrdef autogen for: py, cc3200,
        stmhal, teensy, unix, windows, pic16bit:
         - remove all micropython generic qstrdefs except for the special strings that contain special characters (e.g. /,+,<,> etc.)
         - remove all port specific qstrdefs except for special strings
         - append sources for qstr generation in platform m...
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      py/makeqstrdefs: Add script to automate extraction of qstr from sources. · dbbf0827
      Pavel Moravec authored
      This script will search for patterns of the form Q(...) and generate a
      list of them.
      The original code by Pavel Moravec has been significantly simplified to
      remove the part that searched for C preprocessor directives (eg #if).
      This is because all source is now run through CPP before being fed into
      this script.
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