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      py: Comment exc_state member from mp_obj_gen_instance_t as it gives trouble · 912ca770
      stijn authored
      ...to some compilers who can't process 2 zero-sized arrays in structs. It's
      never referenced directly anyway.
      See disussion on #568 as well.
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      py: Turn down amount of RAM parser and compiler use. · 66e18f04
      Damien George authored
      There are 2 locations in parser, and 1 in compiler, where memory
      allocation is not precise.  In the parser it's the rule stack and result
      stack, in the compiler it's the array for the identifiers in the current
      scope.  All other mallocs are exact (ie they don't allocate more than is
      This patch adds tuning options (MP_ALLOC_*) to mpconfig.h for these 3
      inexact allocations.
      The inexact allocations in the parser should actually be close to
      logarithmic: you need an exponentially larger script (absent pathological
      cases) to use up more room on the rule and result stacks.  As such, the
      default allocation policy for these is now to start with a modest sized
      stack, but grow only in small increments.
      For the identifier arrays in the compiler, these now start out quite
      small (4 entries, since most functions don't have that many ids), and
      grow incrementally by 6 (since if you have more ids than 4, you probably
      have quite a few more, but it wouldn't be exponentially more).
      Partially addresses issue #560.
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