1. 01 Jun, 2014 3 commits
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      py, vm: Replace save_ip, save_sp with code_state->{ip, sp}. · c60a261e
      Damien George authored
      This may seem a bit of a risky change, in that it may introduce crazy
      bugs with respect to volatile variables in the VM loop.  But, I think it
      should be fine: code_state points to some external memory, so the
      compiler should always read/write to that memory when accessing the
      ip/sp variables (ie not put them in registers).
      Anyway, it passes all tests and improves on all efficiency fronts: about
      2-4% faster (64-bit unix), 16 bytes less stack space per call (64-bit
      unix) and slightly less executable size (unix and stmhal).
      The reason it's more efficient is save_ip and save_sp were volatile
      variables, so were anyway stored on the stack (in memory, not regs).
      Thus converting them to code_state->{ip, sp} doesn't cost an extra
      memory dereference (except maybe to get code_state, but that can be put
      in a register and then made more efficient for other uses of it).
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      Merge branch 'pfalcon-vm-alloca' · c7969857
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      Merge branch 'vm-alloca' of github.com:pfalcon/micropython into pfalcon-vm-alloca · 1b87d109
      Damien George authored
      Fixed stack underflow check.  Use UINT_FMT/INT_FMT where necessary.
      Specify maximum VM-stack byte size by multiple of machine word size, so
      that on 64 bit machines it has same functionality as 32 bit.
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