1. 08 Apr, 2014 2 commits
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      py: Rename pfenv_print_int to pfenv_print_mp_int, and add back former. · a12a0f78
      Damien George authored
      stmhal relies on pfenv_* to implement its printf.  Thus, it needs a
      pfenv_print_int which prints a proper 32-bit integer.  With latest
      change to pfenv, this function became one that took mp_obj_t, and
      extracted the integer value from that object.
      To fix temporarily, pfenv_print_int has been renamed to
      pfenv_print_mp_int (to indicate it takes a mp_obj_t for the int), and
      pfenv_print_int has been added (which takes a normal C int).  Currently,
      pfenv_print_int proxies to pfenv_print_mp_int, but this means it looses
      the MSB.  Need to find a way to fix this, but the only way I can think
      of will duplicate lots of code.
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