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      README.md: Add link to micropython.org. · 53fec1ef
      Damien George authored
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      py/vm: Add macros to hook into various points in the VM. · 40d8430e
      Damien George authored
      These can be used to insert arbitrary checks, polling, etc into the VM.
      They are left general because the VM is a highly tuned loop and it should
      be up to a given port how that port wants to modify the VM internals.
      One common use would be to insert a polling check, but only done after
      a certain number of opcodes were executed, so as not to slow down the VM
      too much.  For example:
       #define MICROPY_VM_HOOK_COUNT (30)
       #define MICROPY_VM_HOOK_INIT static uint vm_hook_divisor = MICROPY_VM_HOOK_COUNT
       #define MICROPY_VM_HOOK_POLL if (--vm_hook_divisor == 0) { \
           vm_hook_divisor = MICROPY_VM_HOOK_COUNT;
           extern void vm_hook_function(void);
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      py/repl: Check for an identifier char after the keyword. · 69d9e7d2
      Alex March authored
      - As described in the #1850.
      - Add cmdline tests.
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