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      cc3200: Rename GPIO module to Pin. · 53716fcc
      danicampora authored
      This change helps making the cc3200 port API a bit closer to stmhal.
      The ramaining differences are due to the specific hardware details
      of each chip. One feature that has been deliberately disabled is the
      possibility to add custom names and custom pin mappings. Those
      features are nice and convenient, but in this port, code size is a
      major concern.
  4. 06 Feb, 2015 1 commit
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      cc3200: Add cc3200 port of MicroPython. · 8785645a
      danicampora authored
      The port currently implements support for GPIO, RTC, ExtInt and the WiFi
      subsystem. A small file system is available in the serial flash. A
      bootloader which makes OTA updates possible, is also part of this initial
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      Add license header to (almost) all files. · 04b9147e
      Damien George authored
      Blanket wide to all .c and .h files.  Some files originating from ST are
      difficult to deal with (license wise) so it was left out of those.
      Also merged modpyb.h, modos.h, modstm.h and modtime.h in stmhal/.
  8. 29 Apr, 2014 1 commit
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      stmhal: Add documentation in comments, and script to generate HTML. · 8d09640b
      Damien George authored
      Decided to write own script to pull documentation from comments in C code.
      Style for writing auto generated documentation is: start line with ///
      and then use standard markdown to write the comment.  Keywords
      recognised by the scraper begin with backslash.  See code for examples.
      Running: python gendoc.py modpyb.c accel.c adc.c dac.c extint.c i2c.c
      led.c pin.c rng.c servo.c spi.c uart.c usrsw.c, will generate a HTML
      structure in gendoc-out/.
      gendoc.py is crude but functional.  Needed something quick, and this was
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