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      py/objnamedtuple: Simplify and remove use of alloca building namedtuple. · 265500c5
      Damien George authored
      Prior to this patch there were 2 paths for creating the namedtuple, one for
      when no keyword args were passed, and one when there were keyword args.
      And alloca was used in the keyword-arg path to temporarily create the array
      of elements for the namedtuple, which would then be copied to a
      heap-allocated object (the namedtuple itself).
      This patch simplifies the code by combining the no-keyword and keyword
      paths, and removing the need for the alloca by constructing the namedtuple
      on the heap before populating it.
      Heap usage in unchanged, stack usage is reduced, use of alloca is removed,
      and code size is not increased and is actually reduced by between 20-30
      bytes for most ports.
  6. 28 Jun, 2017 10 commits