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      stmhal: Add STM32F7 support for USB serial and storage. · 8f1eced6
      Dave Hylands authored
      USB serial is now working for F7.
      Internal file storage is now working for F7.  The flash is laid out a bit
      differently to the F4 - 4 x 32K, 1 x 128K with the rest 256K, so the
      internal storage is 96K.
      Added more pind definitions for STM32F7DISC board.  Made USART1 be the
      default HWUART repl.  The STLINK usb connector also looks like a USB
      serial port which is attached to USART1 on the STM32F7DISC.
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      stmhal: Add support for Espruino Pico board. · 90e6d0c2
      Damien George authored
      To build:
      To deploy: short the BOOT0/BTN contact on the back of the board (eg by
      drawing over it with a graphite pencil), then hold down BTN while
      inserting the board into the USB port.  The board should then enter DFU
      mode, and the firmware can be downloaded using:
      make BOARD=ESPRUINO_PICO deploy
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    • Damien George's avatar
      stmhal: Update STM32Cube F4 HAL driver to V1.3.0. · 3ef91134
      Damien George authored
      This patch updates ST's HAL to the latest version, V1.3.0, dated 19 June
      2014.  Files were copied verbatim from the ST package.  Only change was
      to suppress compiler warning of unused variables in 4 places.
      A lot of the changes from ST are cosmetic: comments and white space.
      Some small code changes here and there, and addition of F411 header.
      Main code change is how SysTick interrupt is set: it now has a
      configuration variable to set the priority, so we no longer need to work
      around this (originall in system_stm32f4xx.c).
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