1. 02 Jan, 2015 4 commits
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      msvc: Use single build target for dealing with generated files · ffc96a90
      stijn authored
      Remove some duplication in the code for generating
      qstrdefs.generated.h and py-version.h
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      msvc: Fix unresolved mp_arg_error_terse_mismatch since 7f23384d · fbfd3554
      stijn authored
      a normal statement and generates assembly for it in degug mode as if MICROPY_ERROR_REPORTING
      is an actual symbol instead of a preprocessor definition.
      As such linking fails because mp_arg_error_terse_mismatch is not defined when
      MICROPY_ERROR_REPORTING_TERSE is detailed or normal.
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      msvc: Define main build/include directories in a single location · 8dec62a1
      stijn authored
      - Use a single file env.props for defining the main directories used when building.
        env.props resolves the base directory and defines overridable output directories,
        and is used by all other build files.
      - Fix the build currently failing, basically because the preprocessing command for generating
        qstrdefs uses different include directories than the build itself does.
        (specifically, qstrdefs.h uses #include "py/mpconfig.h" since the fixes for #1022
        in 51dfcb4b, so we need to use the base directory as include directory, not the py dir itself).
        So define a single variable containing the include directories instead and use it where needed.
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