1. 10 Apr, 2017 3 commits
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      extmod/machine_signal: Support all Pin's arguments to the constructor. · 605ff91e
      Paul Sokolovsky authored
      This implements the orginal idea is that Signal is a subclass of Pin, and
      thus can accept all the same argument as Pin, and additionally, "inverted"
      param. On the practical side, it allows to avoid many enclosed parenses for
      a typical declararion, e.g. for Zephyr:
      Signal(Pin(("GPIO_0", 1))).
      Of course, passing a Pin to Signal constructor is still supported and is the
      most generic form (e.g. Unix port will only support such form, as it doesn't
      have "builtin" Pins), what's introduces here is just practical readability
      "value" kwarg is treated as applying to a Signal (i.e. accounts for possible
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      py: Make sure that static emg-exc-buffer is aligned to size of mp_obj_t. · ee86de1f
      Damien George authored
      This buffer is used to allocate objects temporarily, and such objects
      require that their underlying memory be correctly aligned for their data
      type.  Aligning for mp_obj_t should be sufficient for emergency exceptions,
      but in general the memory buffer should aligned to the maximum alignment of
      the machine (eg on a 32-bit machine with mp_obj_t being 4 bytes, a double
      may not be correctly aligned).
      This patch fixes a bug for certain nan-boxing builds, where mp_obj_t is 8
      bytes and must be aligned to 8 bytes (even though the machine is 32 bit).
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