1. 13 Jan, 2014 1 commit
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      Add "buffer management" and "shrink" API calls to vstr. · 5d2499c6
      Paul Sokolovsky authored
      vstr is initially intended to deal with arbitrary-length strings. By
      providing a bit lower-level API calls, it will be also useful to deal
      with arbitrary-length I/O buffers (the difference from strings is that
      buffers are filled from "outside", via I/O).
      Another issue, especially aggravated by I/O buffer use, is alloc size
      vs actual size length. If allocated 1Mb for buffer, but actually
      read 1 byte, we don't want to keep rest of 1Mb be locked by this I/O
      result, but rather return it to heap ASAP ("shrink" buffer before passing
      it to qstr_from_str_take()).
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      Change object representation from 1 big union to individual structs. · d99b0528
      Damien authored
      A big change.  Micro Python objects are allocated as individual structs
      with the first element being a pointer to the type information (which
      is itself an object).  This scheme follows CPython.  Much more flexible,
      not necessarily slower, uses same heap memory, and can allocate objects
      Also change name prefix, from py_ to mp_ (mp for Micro Python).
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