1. 30 Apr, 2017 4 commits
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      tools/mpy-tool: Make work if run from another directory. · 473e85e2
      Paul Sokolovsky authored
      By making sure we don't add relative paths to sys.path.
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      msvc: Rebuild all qstrs when mpconfig headers are modified · db9c2e31
      stijn authored
      Make qstr generation depend on modifications in mpconfigport.h, mpconfig.h
      and makeqstrdata.py and if any of those change scan all source files for
      qstrs again since they might have changed (for example typcially when
      enabling new features in mpconfig.h).
      This fixes #2982 for msvc builds.
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      msvc: Do not define DEBUG for debug builds · 8d865fa7
      stijn authored
      It is not used anywhere and causes a warning about redefinition because
      it is used in modutimeq.c
    • stijn's avatar
      py: Cleanup use of global DEBUG preprocessor definition · 2f0ce2a6
      stijn authored
      The standard preprocessor definition to differentiate debug and non-debug
      builds is NDEBUG, not DEBUG, so don't rely on the latter:
      - just delete the use of it in objint_longlong.c as it has been stale code
        for years anyway (since commit [c4029e50]): SUFFIX isn't used anywhere.
      - replace DEBUG with MICROPY_DEBUG_NLR in nlr.h: it is rarely used anymore
        so can be off by default
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