1. 30 Sep, 2014 3 commits
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      stmhal: Add network and usocket module. · 3a1c4c5b
      Damien George authored
      As per issue #876, the network module is used to configure NICs
      (hardware modules) and configure routing.  The usocket module is
      supposed to implement the normal Python socket module and selects the
      underlying NIC using routing logic.
      Right now the routing logic is brain dead: first-initialised,
      first-used.  And the routing table is just a list of registered NICs.
      cc3k and wiznet5k work, but not at the same time due to C name clashes
      (to be fixed).
      Note that the usocket module has alias socket, so that one can import
      socket and it works as normal.  But you can also override socket with
      your own module, using usocket at the backend.
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      stmhal: For spi_init, add argument to select if NSS pin is enabled. · bfa7b480
      Damien George authored
      Most of the time you don't use the NSS pin of the SPI bus, and so it
      shouldn't be enabled by default (this gave some bugs in the past).
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      py: Remove IOError since it's deprecated; use OSError instead. · 8b03d944
      Damien George authored
      In CPython IOError (and EnvironmentError) is deprecated and aliased to
      OSError.  All modules that used to raise IOError now raise OSError (or a
      derived exception).
      In Micro Python we never used IOError (except 1 place, incorrectly) and
      so don't need to keep it.
      See http://legacy.python.org/dev/peps/pep-3151/ for background.
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