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      tools: Add gen-cpydiff.py to generate docs differences. · b7fa63c7
      Rami Ali authored
      This patch introduces the a small framework to track differences between
      uPy and CPython.  The framework consists of:
      - A set of "tests" which test for an individual feature that differs between
        uPy and CPy.  Each test is like a normal uPy test in the test suite, but
        has a special comment at the start with some meta-data: a category (eg
        syntax, core language), a human-readable description of the difference, a
        cause, and a workaround.  Following the meta-data there is a short code
        snippet which demonstrates the difference.  See tests/cpydiff directory
        for the initial set of tests.
      - A program (this patch) which runs all the tests (on uPy and CPy) and
        generates nicely-formated .rst documenting the differences.
      - Integration into the docs build so that everything is automatic, and the
        differences appear in a way that is easy for users to read/reference (see
        latter commits).
      The idea with using this new framework is:
      - When a new difference is found it's easy to write a short test for it,
        along with a description, and add it to the existing ones.  It's also easy
        for contributors to submit tests for differences they find.
      - When something is no longer different the tool will give an error and
        difference can be removed (or promoted to a proper feature test).
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      tests/cpydiff: Add initial set of tests for uPy-CPython differences. · 86c75072
      Rami Ali authored
      These tests are intended to fail, as they provide a programatic record of
      differences between uPy and CPython.  They also contain a special comment
      at the start of the file which has meta-data describing the difference,
      including known causes and known workarounds.
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      py/objlist: For list slice assignment, allow RHS to be a tuple or list. · 89267886
      Damien George authored
      Before this patch, assigning anything other than a list would lead to a
      crash.  Fixes issue #2886.
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