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docs/library/framebuf: Fix typo in bit-width for MVLSB description.

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......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ Constructors
- `height` is the height of the FrameBuffer in pixels
- `format` specifies the type of pixel used in the FrameBuffer;
valid values are ``framebuf.MVLSB``, ``framebuf.RGB565``
and ``framebuf.GS4_HMSB``. MVLSB is monochrome 8-bit color,
and ``framebuf.GS4_HMSB``. MVLSB is monochrome 1-bit color,
RGB565 is RGB 16-bit color, and GS4_HMSB is grayscale 4-bit color.
Where a color value c is passed to a method, c is a small integer
with an encoding that is dependent on the format of the FrameBuffer.
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