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esp8266/README: Add notice about 512K version.

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......@@ -79,6 +79,16 @@ $ make PORT=/dev/ttyUSB0 FLASH_MODE=qio FLASH_SIZE=32m deploy
The image produced is `build/firmware-combined.bin`, to be flashed at 0x00000.
__512KB FlashROM version__
The normal build described above requires modules with at least 1MB of FlashROM
onboard. There's a special configuration for 512KB modules, which can be
built with `make 512k`. This configuration is highly limited, lacks filesystem
support, WebREPL, and has many other features disabled. It's mostly suitable
for advanced users who are interested to fine-tune options to achieve a required
setup. If you are an end user, please consider using a module with at least 1MB
of FlashROM.
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