Commit f62503dc authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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tests/micropython: Add test for consts that are bignums.

parent 74f4d2c6
# test constant optimisation, with consts that are bignums
from micropython import const
# check we can make consts from bignums
Z1 = const(0xffffffff)
Z2 = const(0xffffffffffffffff)
print(hex(Z1), hex(Z2))
# check arithmetic with bignum
Z3 = const(Z1 + Z2)
Z4 = const((1 << 100) + Z1)
print(hex(Z3), hex(Z4))
0xffffffff 0xffffffffffffffff
0x100000000fffffffe 0x100000000000000000ffffffff
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