Commit f3b19ef6 authored by Antonin ENFRUN's avatar Antonin ENFRUN Committed by Damien George
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py/asmthumb: Flush D-cache, and invalidate I-cache on STM32F7.

Tested on a STM32F7DISCO at 216MHz.  All tests generating code (inlineasm,
native, viper) now pass, except pybnative/, but that's because
there is no LED(2).
parent 3611dcc2
......@@ -90,6 +90,15 @@ void asm_thumb_start_pass(asm_thumb_t *as, uint pass) {
void asm_thumb_end_pass(asm_thumb_t *as) {
// could check labels are resolved...
#if defined(MCU_SERIES_F7)
if (as->pass == ASM_THUMB_PASS_EMIT) {
// flush D-cache, so the code emited is stored in memory
SCB_CleanDCache_by_Addr((uint32_t*)as->code_base, as->code_size);
// invalidate I-cache
// all functions must go through this one to emit bytes
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