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docs/pyboard/quickref: Add section on "delay and timing" for utime mod.

And remove reference to deprecated pyb.delay() and pyb.millis().
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......@@ -20,14 +20,25 @@ See :mod:`pyb`. ::
import pyb
pyb.delay(50) # wait 50 milliseconds
pyb.millis() # number of milliseconds since bootup
pyb.repl_uart(pyb.UART(1, 9600)) # duplicate REPL on UART(1)
pyb.wfi() # pause CPU, waiting for interrupt
pyb.freq() # get CPU and bus frequencies
pyb.freq(60000000) # set CPU freq to 60MHz
pyb.stop() # stop CPU, waiting for external interrupt
Delay and timing
Use the :mod:`time <utime>` module::
import time
time.sleep(1) # sleep for 1 second
time.sleep_ms(500) # sleep for 500 milliseconds
time.sleep_us(10) # sleep for 10 microseconds
start = time.ticks_ms() # get value of millisecond counter
delta = time.ticks_diff(start, time.ticks_ms()) # compute time difference
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