Commit ee5ecc9d authored by Paul Sokolovsky's avatar Paul Sokolovsky
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objgenerator.throw: Instantiate if exception type passed, just as "raise".

Caught by CPython
parent 9a54a223
......@@ -162,6 +162,7 @@ STATIC MP_DEFINE_CONST_FUN_OBJ_2(gen_instance_send_obj, gen_instance_send);
STATIC mp_obj_t gen_instance_close(mp_obj_t self_in);
STATIC mp_obj_t gen_instance_throw(uint n_args, const mp_obj_t *args) {
mp_obj_t exc = (n_args == 2) ? args[1] : args[2];
exc = rt_make_raise_obj(exc);
if (mp_obj_is_subclass_fast(mp_obj_get_type(exc), &mp_type_GeneratorExit)) {
// Throwing GeneratorExit is equivalent of calling close aka
// GeneratorExit should be handled specially
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