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......@@ -30,6 +30,21 @@ fi
# installed if it's already installed for main python distribution.
if [ ! -d /tmp/pip-micropy-venv ]; then
virtualenv --no-site-packages /tmp/pip-micropy-venv
# distutils, setuptools, pip are buggy and allow target packages affect
# their execution environment. For example, if distribution they install
# has, they will import that instead of system re. So, we need
# to remove current dir from sys.path, but that appear to be quite uneasy
# with CPython, so we hook __import__ and exterminate it persistently.
# See also
cat > $(ls -1d /tmp/pip-micropy-venv/lib/python*/)/ <<EOF
import sys
import __builtin__
old_imp = __import__
def new_imp(*a, **kw):
if not sys.path[0]: sys.path.pop(0)
return old_imp(*a, **kw)
__builtin__.__import__ = new_imp
. /tmp/pip-micropy-venv/bin/activate
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