Commit eb90edb5 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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py/mpz: Remove obsolete declaration of mpz_as_str_size.

parent dcdcc43d
......@@ -1677,7 +1677,7 @@ mp_float_t mpz_as_float(const mpz_t *i) {
#if 0
this function is unused
char *mpz_as_str(const mpz_t *i, mp_uint_t base) {
char *s = m_new(char, mpz_as_str_size(i, base, NULL, '\0'));
char *s = m_new(char, mp_int_format_size(mpz_max_num_bits(i), base, NULL, '\0'));
mpz_as_str_inpl(i, base, NULL, 'a', '\0', s);
return s;
......@@ -137,7 +137,6 @@ void mpz_as_bytes(const mpz_t *z, bool big_endian, size_t len, byte *buf);
mp_float_t mpz_as_float(const mpz_t *z);
size_t mpz_as_str_size(const mpz_t *i, mp_uint_t base, const char *prefix, char comma);
size_t mpz_as_str_inpl(const mpz_t *z, mp_uint_t base, const char *prefix, char base_char, char comma, char *str);
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