Commit e9fa7625 authored by Daniel Campora's avatar Daniel Campora
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cc3200: Correct WLAN constructor argument checking.

parent c0c07fb1
......@@ -822,12 +822,12 @@ STATIC bool wlan_scan_result_is_unique (const mp_obj_list_t *nets, _u8 *bssid) {
/// Create a wlan object. See iwconfig for parameters of initialization.
STATIC mp_obj_t wlan_make_new (mp_obj_t type_in, mp_uint_t n_args, mp_uint_t n_kw, const mp_obj_t *args) {
// check arguments
mp_arg_check_num(n_args, n_kw, 0, MP_ARRAY_SIZE(wlan_iwconfig_args), true);
mp_arg_check_num(n_args, n_kw, 0, 0, true);
wlan_obj.base.type = (mp_obj_type_t*)&mod_network_nic_type_wlan;
if (n_kw > 0) {
mp_map_t kw_args;
mp_map_init_fixed_table(&kw_args, n_kw, args);
wlan_iwconfig(1, (const mp_obj_t *)&wlan_obj, &kw_args);
wlan_iwconfig(n_args + 1, (const mp_obj_t *)&wlan_obj, &kw_args);
return &wlan_obj;
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