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tools: Make Python2 compatible.

parent 20f40c32
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ Then:
Note: if using Python2 then pyb.exec must be written as pyb.exec_.
To run a script from the local machine on the board and print out the results:
import pyboard
......@@ -39,9 +40,15 @@ Or:
import sys
import time
stdout = sys.stdout.buffer
except AttributeError:
# Python2 doesn't have buffer attr
stdout = sys.stdout
def stdout_write_bytes(b):
class PyboardError(BaseException):
......@@ -208,11 +215,11 @@ class Pyboard:
return self.follow(timeout, data_consumer)
def eval(self, expression):
ret = self.exec('print({})'.format(expression))
ret = self.exec_('print({})'.format(expression))
ret = ret.strip()
return ret
def exec(self, command):
def exec_(self, command):
ret, ret_err = self.exec_raw(command)
if ret_err:
raise PyboardError('exception', ret, ret_err)
......@@ -221,12 +228,16 @@ class Pyboard:
def execfile(self, filename):
with open(filename, 'rb') as f:
pyfile =
return self.exec(pyfile)
return self.exec_(pyfile)
def get_time(self):
t = str(self.eval('pyb.RTC().datetime()'), encoding='utf8')[1:-1].split(', ')
return int(t[4]) * 3600 + int(t[5]) * 60 + int(t[6])
# in Python2 exec is a keyword so one must use "exec_"
# but for Python3 we want to provide the nicer version "exec"
setattr(Pyboard, "exec", Pyboard.exec_)
def execfile(filename, device='/dev/ttyACM0', baudrate=115200, user='micro', password='python'):
pyb = Pyboard(device, baudrate, user, password)
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