Commit e8487ea1 authored by Paul Sokolovsky's avatar Paul Sokolovsky Committed by Damien George
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tests: Add test for print_exception() function.

parent 6c3fc746
import io
import sys
if hasattr(sys, 'print_exception'):
print_exception = sys.print_exception
import traceback
print_exception = lambda e, f: traceback.print_exception(None, e, None, file=f)
except Exception as e:
buf = io.StringIO()
print_exception(e, buf)
s = buf.getvalue()
for l in s.split("\n"):
# uPy and CPy tracebacks differ in that CPy prints a source line for
# each traceback entry. In this case, we know that offending line
# has 4-space indent, so filter it out.
if not l.startswith(" "):
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