Commit e636279f authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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esp8266: Move more rodata to irom section.

rodata can only go in iram/irom if it's accessed only using word loads
(ie no byte or half-word access).
parent bfdc2059
......@@ -73,9 +73,23 @@ SECTIONS
_irom0_text_start = ABSOLUTE(.);
*(.irom0.literal .irom.literal .irom.text.literal .irom0.text .irom.text)
*py*.o*(.literal* .text*)
*gccollect.o*(.literal* .text*)
*gchelper.o*(.literal* .text*)
/* we put some specific text in this section */
*py/*.o*(.literal* .text*)
*pyexec.o(.literal*, .text*)
*readline.o(.literal*, .text*)
*pybstdio.o(.literal*, .text*)
*modpyb.o(.literal*, .text*)
*gccollect.o(.literal* .text*)
*gchelper.o(.literal* .text*)
/* we put as much rodata as possible in this section */
/* note that only rodata accessed as a machine word is allowed here */
*py/*.o(.rodata.mp_type_*) /* catches type: mp_obj_type_t */
*py/*.o(.rodata.*_locals_dict*) /* catches types: mp_obj_dict_t, mp_map_elem_t */
*py/*.o(.rodata.mp_module_*) /* catches types: mp_obj_module_t, mp_obj_dict_t, mp_map_elem_t */
_irom0_text_end = ABSOLUTE(.);
} >irom0_0_seg :irom0_0_phdr
......@@ -90,13 +104,6 @@ SECTIONS
can't put these here for some reason...
_text_end = ABSOLUTE(.);
_etext = .;
} >iram1_0_seg :iram1_0_phdr
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