Commit de829220 authored by Paul Sokolovsky's avatar Paul Sokolovsky
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unix modtime: Adhere to MICROPY_ENABLE_FLOAT better.

parent b7e90ea0
......@@ -11,18 +11,28 @@
#include "runtime.h"
STATIC mp_obj_t mod_time_time() {
struct timeval tv;
gettimeofday(&tv, NULL);
mp_float_t val = tv.tv_sec + (mp_float_t)tv.tv_usec / 1000000;
return mp_obj_new_float(val);
return mp_obj_new_int((machine_int_t)time(NULL));
STATIC MP_DEFINE_CONST_FUN_OBJ_0(mod_time_time_obj, mod_time_time);
// Note: this is deprecated since CPy3.3, but pystone still uses it.
STATIC mp_obj_t mod_time_clock() {
// return mp_obj_new_int((machine_int_t)clock());
// POSIX requires CLOCKS_PER_SEC equals 1000000, so that's what we assume
// POSIX requires CLOCKS_PER_SEC equals 1000000, so that's what we assume.
// float cannot represent full range of int32 precisely, so we pre-divide
// int to reduce resolution, and then actually do float division hoping
// to preserve integer part resolution.
return mp_obj_new_float((float)(clock() / 1000) / 1000.0);
return mp_obj_new_int((machine_int_t)clock());
STATIC MP_DEFINE_CONST_FUN_OBJ_0(mod_time_clock_obj, mod_time_clock);
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