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.. toctree::
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:mod:`uhashlib` -- hashing algorithm
.. module:: uhashlib
:synopsis: hashing algorithm
This module implements binary data hashing algorithms. Currently, it
implements SHA256 algorithm. Choosing SHA256 was a deliberate choice,
as a modern, cryptographically secure algorithm. This means that a
single algorithm can cover both usecases of "any hash algorithm" and
security-related usage, and thus save space omitting legacy algorithms
like MD5 or SHA1.
.. class:: uhashlib.sha256([data])
Create a hasher object and optionally feed ``data`` into it.
.. method:: sha256.update(data)
Feed more binary data into hash.
.. method:: sha256.digest()
Return hash for all data passed thru hash, as a bytes object. After this
method is called, more data cannot be fed into hash any longer.
.. method:: sha256.hexdigest()
This method is NOT implemented. Use ``ubinascii.hexlify(sha256.digest())``
to achieve similar effect.
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