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docs/wipy/general: Add section about specifics of I2C implementation.

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......@@ -240,6 +240,23 @@ Additional Pin methods:
Returns a list of the alternate functions supported by the pin. List items are
a tuple of the form: ``('ALT_FUN_NAME', ALT_FUN_INDEX)``
Additional details for machine.I2C
On the WiPy there is a single hardware I2C peripheral, identified by "0". By
default this is the peripheral that is used when constructing an I2C instance.
The default pins are GP23 for SCL and GP13 for SDA, and one can create the
default I2C peripheral simply by doing::
i2c = machine.I2C()
The pins and frequency can be specified as::
i2c = machine.I2C(freq=400000, scl='GP23', sda='GP13')
Only certain pins can be used as SCL/SDA. Please refer to the pinout for further
Known issues
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