Commit bdebfaa4 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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py/grammar: Remove unused rule.

Since the recent changes to string/bytes literal concatenation, this rule
is no longer used.
parent 5124a940
......@@ -269,7 +269,6 @@ DEF_RULE_NC(power_dbl_star, and_ident(2), tok(OP_DBL_STAR), rule(factor))
// trailer: '(' [arglist] ')' | '[' subscriptlist ']' | '.' NAME
DEF_RULE_NC(atom, or(12), tok(NAME), tok(INTEGER), tok(FLOAT_OR_IMAG), tok(STRING), tok(BYTES), tok(ELLIPSIS), tok(KW_NONE), tok(KW_TRUE), tok(KW_FALSE), rule(atom_paren), rule(atom_bracket), rule(atom_brace))
DEF_RULE_NC(string_or_bytes, or(2), tok(STRING), tok(BYTES))
DEF_RULE(atom_paren, c(atom_paren), and(3), tok(DEL_PAREN_OPEN), opt_rule(atom_2b), tok(DEL_PAREN_CLOSE))
DEF_RULE_NC(atom_2b, or(2), rule(yield_expr), rule(testlist_comp))
DEF_RULE(atom_bracket, c(atom_bracket), and(3), tok(DEL_BRACKET_OPEN), opt_rule(testlist_comp), tok(DEL_BRACKET_CLOSE))
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