Commit af6edc61 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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py: Enable a jump optimisation in the compiler.

parent 882b3635
......@@ -1434,12 +1434,19 @@ void compile_if_stmt(compiler_t *comp, mp_parse_node_struct_t *pns) {
c_if_cond(comp, pns->nodes[0], false, l_fail); // if condition
compile_node(comp, pns->nodes[1]); // if block
//if (!(MP_PARSE_NODE_IS_NULL(pns->nodes[2]) && MP_PARSE_NODE_IS_NULL(pns->nodes[3]))) { // optimisation; doesn't align with CPython
// jump over elif/else blocks if they exist
if (!EMIT(last_emit_was_return_value)) { // simple optimisation to align with CPython
EMIT_ARG(jump, l_end);
if (
// optimisation to not jump over non-existent elif/else blocks (this optimisation is not in CPython)
!(MP_PARSE_NODE_IS_NULL(pns->nodes[2]) && MP_PARSE_NODE_IS_NULL(pns->nodes[3])) &&
// optimisation to not jump if last instruction was return
) {
// jump over elif/else blocks
EMIT_ARG(jump, l_end);
EMIT_ARG(label_assign, l_fail);
if (!MP_PARSE_NODE_IS_NULL(pns->nodes[2])) {
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