Commit aee723ed authored by Paul Sokolovsky's avatar Paul Sokolovsky
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tests/run-tests: Skip frozenset tests if set literal syntax is not available.

parent d3359046
......@@ -314,7 +314,7 @@ def run_tests(pyb, tests, args):
test_name = os.path.splitext(test_basename)[0]
is_native = test_name.startswith("native_") or test_name.startswith("viper_")
is_endian = test_name.endswith("_endian")
is_set_type = test_name.startswith("set_")
is_set_type = test_name.startswith("set_") or test_name.startswith("frozenset")
skip_it = test_file in skip_tests
skip_it |= skip_native and is_native
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