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README: Add short overview of Python features supported.

Also, "upgrade" project to "early beta", and elaborate pyboard description.
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......@@ -11,12 +11,19 @@ The Micro Python project
This is the Micro Python project, which aims to put an implementation
of Python 3.x on a microcontroller.
WARNING: this project is in its early stages and is subject to large
WARNING: this project is in early beta stage and is subject to large
changes of the code-base, including project-wide name changes and API
Micro Python implements entire Python 3.4 syntax (including exceptions,
"with", "yield from", etc.). Following core datatypes are provided:
str (no Unicode support yet), bytes, bytearray, tuple, list, dict, set,
array.array, collections.namedtuple, classes and instances. Builtin
modules include sys, time, and struct. Note that only subset of
Python 3.4 functionality implemented for the data types and modules.
See the repository for the Micro
Python board.
Python board, officially supported reference electronic circuit board.
Major components in this repository:
- py/ -- the core Python implementation, including compiler and runtime.
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