Commit acaccb37 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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py/gc: When printing info, use %u instead of UINT_FMT for size_t args.

Ideally we'd use %zu for size_t args, but that's unlikely to be supported
by all runtimes, and we would then need to implement it in mp_printf.
So simplest and most portable option is to use %u and cast the argument
to uint(=unsigned int).

Note: reason for the change is that UINT_FMT can be %llu (size suitable
for mp_uint_t) which is wider than size_t and prints incorrect results.
parent dd5353a4
......@@ -658,10 +658,10 @@ void *gc_realloc(void *ptr_in, size_t n_bytes, bool allow_move) {
void gc_dump_info(void) {
gc_info_t info;
mp_printf(&mp_plat_print, "GC: total: " UINT_FMT ", used: " UINT_FMT ", free: " UINT_FMT "\n",, info.used,;
mp_printf(&mp_plat_print, " No. of 1-blocks: " UINT_FMT ", 2-blocks: " UINT_FMT ", max blk sz: " UINT_FMT "\n",
info.num_1block, info.num_2block, info.max_block);
mp_printf(&mp_plat_print, "GC: total: %u, used: %u, free: %u\n",
(uint), (uint)info.used, (uint);
mp_printf(&mp_plat_print, " No. of 1-blocks: %u, 2-blocks: %u, max blk sz: %u\n",
(uint)info.num_1block, (uint)info.num_2block, (uint)info.max_block);
void gc_dump_alloc_table(void) {
......@@ -682,7 +682,7 @@ void gc_dump_alloc_table(void) {
if (bl2 - bl >= 2 * DUMP_BYTES_PER_LINE) {
// there are at least 2 lines containing only free blocks, so abbreviate their printing
mp_printf(&mp_plat_print, "\n (" UINT_FMT " lines all free)", (bl2 - bl) / DUMP_BYTES_PER_LINE);
mp_printf(&mp_plat_print, "\n (%u lines all free)", (uint)(bl2 - bl) / DUMP_BYTES_PER_LINE);
bl = bl2 & (~(DUMP_BYTES_PER_LINE - 1));
if (bl >= MP_STATE_MEM(gc_alloc_table_byte_len) * BLOCKS_PER_ATB) {
// got to end of heap
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