Commit ab4a8618 authored by stijn's avatar stijn Committed by Damien George
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msvc: Workaround parser bug in older MSBuild versions

Versions prior to v14.0 have a bug in parsing item functions when used
within a condition:
Since commit [db9c2e31] this results in an error when building MicroPython
with for example VS2013.
Fix this by creating an intermediate property.
parent 5b57ae98
......@@ -69,13 +69,14 @@ using(var outFile = System.IO.File.CreateText(OutputFile)) {
<ForceQstrRebuild>@(QstrDependencies->AnyHaveMetadataValue('Changed', 'True'))</ForceQstrRebuild>
<RunPreProcConcat>@(PyQstrSourceFiles->AnyHaveMetadataValue('Changed', 'True'))</RunPreProcConcat>
<MakeDir Directories="@(PyQstrSourceFiles->'%(OutDir)')"/>
<Exec Command="cl /nologo /I@(PyIncDirs, ' /I') /D@(PreProcDefs, ' /D') /Fi%(PyQstrSourceFiles.OutFile) /P %(PyQstrSourceFiles.Identity)"
Condition="'%(PyQstrSourceFiles.Changed)' == 'True' Or '$(ForceQstrRebuild)' == 'True'"/>
<ConcatPreProcFiles InputFiles="@(PyQstrSourceFiles->'%(OutFile)')" OutputFile="$(DestDir)qstr.i.last"
Condition="@(PyQstrSourceFiles->AnyHaveMetadataValue('Changed', 'True')) Or '$(ForceQstrRebuild)' == 'True'"/>
Condition="'$(RunPreProcConcat)' == 'True' Or '$(ForceQstrRebuild)' == 'True'"/>
<Exec Command="$(PyPython) $(PySrcDir) split $(DestDir)qstr.i.last $(DestDir)qstr $(QstrDefsCollected)"/>
<Exec Command="$(PyPython) $(PySrcDir) cat $(DestDir)qstr.i.last $(DestDir)qstr $(QstrDefsCollected)"/>
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