Commit a925cb54 authored by Paul Sokolovsky's avatar Paul Sokolovsky
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py: Preprocess qstrdefs.h before feeding to

This is alternative implementation of supporting conditionals in qstrdefs.h,
hard to say if it's much cleaner than munging #ifdef's in Python code...
parent 6ea0e928
......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ def compute_hash(qstr):
def do_work(infiles):
# read the qstrs in from the input files
qstrs = {}
cpp_header_blocks = 3
for infile in infiles:
with open(infile, 'rt') as f:
line_number = 0
......@@ -37,6 +38,14 @@ def do_work(infiles):
if len(line) == 0 or line.startswith('//'):
# We'll have 3 line-number lines for py/qstrdefs.h - initial, leaving it to
# go into other headers, and returning to it.
if line.startswith('# ') and 'py/qstrdefs.h' in line:
cpp_header_blocks -= 1
if cpp_header_blocks != 0:
# verify line is of the correct form
match = re.match(r'Q\((.+)\)$', line)
if not match:
......@@ -104,9 +104,10 @@ $(PY_BUILD)/py-version.h: FORCE
# Adding an order only dependency on $(PY_BUILD) causes $(PY_BUILD) to get
# created before we run the script to generate the .h
$(PY_BUILD)/qstrdefs.generated.h: | $(PY_BUILD)/
$(PY_BUILD)/qstrdefs.generated.h: $(PY_QSTR_DEFS) $(QSTR_DEFS) $(PY_SRC)/
$(PY_BUILD)/qstrdefs.generated.h: $(PY_QSTR_DEFS) $(QSTR_DEFS) $(PY_SRC)/ mpconfigport.h $(PY_SRC)/mpconfig.h
$(ECHO) "makeqstrdata $(PY_QSTR_DEFS) $(QSTR_DEFS)"
$(CPP) $(CFLAGS) $(PY_QSTR_DEFS) -o $(PY_BUILD)/qstrdefs.preprocessed.h
$(Q)$(PYTHON) $(PY_SRC)/ $(PY_BUILD)/qstrdefs.preprocessed.h $(QSTR_DEFS) > $@
# We don't know which source files actually need the generated.h (since
# it is #included from str.h). The compiler generated dependencies will cause
#include "mpconfig.h"
// All the qstr definitions in this file are available as constants.
// That is, they are in ROM and you can reference them simply as MP_QSTR_xxxx.
// TODO make it so we can use #defines here to select only those words that will be used
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