Commit a58fa27c authored by stijn's avatar stijn Committed by Paul Sokolovsky
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windows: Cleanup makefile

The BSD stuff is a copy from the unix makefile but at least there it
makes some sense, a windows makefile on BSD doesn't.
The -lmman flag is probably for mmap functions but there is no other build
support for it on windows so just that flag won't cut it anyway.
parent bf1570cb
......@@ -47,12 +47,8 @@ SRC_C += lib/mp-readline/readline.c
else ifeq ($(MICROPY_USE_READLINE),2)
LDFLAGS_MOD += -lreadline
# the following is needed for BSD
#LDFLAGS_MOD += -ltermcap
LIB += -lws2_32
#LIB += -lmman
include ../py/
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