Commit a1f25402 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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py/ Add dependency of .mpy files upon mpy-cross.

This ensures that mpy-cross is automatically built (and is up-to-date) for
ports that use frozen bytecode.  It also makes sure that .mpy files are
re-built if mpy-cross is changed.
parent 6d221fe2
......@@ -102,15 +102,19 @@ $(BUILD)/frozen.c: $(wildcard $(FROZEN_DIR)/*) $(HEADER_BUILD) $(FROZEN_EXTRA_DE
ifneq ($(FROZEN_MPY_DIR),)
# to build the MicroPython cross compiler
$(TOP)/mpy-cross/mpy-cross: $(TOP)/py/*.[ch] $(TOP)/mpy-cross/*.[ch] $(TOP)/windows/fmode.c
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(TOP)/mpy-cross
# make a list of all the .py files that need compiling and freezing
FROZEN_MPY_PY_FILES := $(shell find -L $(FROZEN_MPY_DIR) -type f -name '*.py' | $(SED) -e 's=^$(FROZEN_MPY_DIR)/==')
FROZEN_MPY_MPY_FILES := $(addprefix $(BUILD)/frozen_mpy/,$(
# to build .mpy files from .py files
$(BUILD)/frozen_mpy/%.mpy: $(FROZEN_MPY_DIR)/
$(BUILD)/frozen_mpy/%.mpy: $(FROZEN_MPY_DIR)/ $(TOP)/mpy-cross/mpy-cross
@$(ECHO) "MPY $<"
$(Q)$(MKDIR) -p $(dir $@)
$(Q)$(MPY_CROSS) -o $@ -s $(^:$(FROZEN_MPY_DIR)/%=%) $(MPY_CROSS_FLAGS) $^
$(Q)$(MPY_CROSS) -o $@ -s $(<:$(FROZEN_MPY_DIR)/%=%) $(MPY_CROSS_FLAGS) $<
# to build frozen_mpy.c from all .mpy files
$(BUILD)/frozen_mpy.c: $(FROZEN_MPY_MPY_FILES) $(BUILD)/genhdr/qstrdefs.generated.h
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