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Add gchelper.s, to load registers and clean stack for GC.

parent 0c5827fc
.syntax unified
.cpu cortex-m4
.align 2
@ void gc_helper_get_regs_and_clean_stack(r0=uint regs[10], r1=heap_end)
.global gc_helper_get_regs_and_clean_stack
.type gc_helper_get_regs_and_clean_stack, %function
@ store registers into given array
str r4, [r0], #4
str r5, [r0], #4
str r6, [r0], #4
str r7, [r0], #4
str r8, [r0], #4
str r9, [r0], #4
str r10, [r0], #4
str r11, [r0], #4
str r12, [r0], #4
str r13, [r0], #4
@ clean the stack from given pointer up to current sp
movs r0, #0
mov r2, sp
b .entry
str r0, [r1], #4
cmp r1, r2
bcc .loop
bx lr
.size gc_helper_get_regs_and_clean_stack, .-gc_helper_get_regs_and_clean_stack
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